Hello world!

I am really loving this concept of blogging as it permits me to free my mind of all thoughts and just pour it into this new age penceive!!


A myriad of thoughts goes around in our minds when we are alone or company.

Sometimes its your friends who become your agony aunt, but that is not the case always..


There are times when you feel that there could have been someone more receptive and less intrusive with whom you can go on talking without actually expecting a reply..

Sometimes you feel there be an audience who only listens and never pass judgment or suggestion..that doesn’t make you feel nice always ..or does it??


There are some questions you need to ask yourself which can never be disclosed to a person other than you..


A diary by any other word, these pages would soak in all my thoughts and feelings, my passions, my ambitions, my desires, my crushes, and above all my opinions on things that are paramount to mean something to the world.




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