Google (My take)..

The Google guys.


Just completed reading this inspiring tale of the rise of Google from a 2 man enterprise to a multi-million dollar churning industry. The story throws light on the known fact that it is innovation that drives the industry today and a constant thrust on fresh ideas and breakthroughs are what the propelling factors are.


Sergey Brin and Larry Page are today synonymous with the new age gurus whose ‘Don’t be evil ” policy seems to shake the very foundation of the myth to a successful conglomerate.

Through the years they have shown that it is the problems they focus on initially and then do they implement it for moolah much in contrast with what many of their peers follow.


The constant thrust to innovation coupled with a sound mind to apply knowledge has been the factors that has made google what it is today..It is said that employees at Google get about 20% free time to devote their attention to whatever interests them and is of some importance.

The Google masterminds’ penchant for pushing boundaries—without asking permission—might as well be called chutzpah. However you label it, it’s an attitude that runs deeply through Google and may help explain why the company is embroiled in lawsuits over many of its new projects: the aggressive scanning of library books it doesn’t own; display of copyrighted material; and copyright issues connected to its acquisition of YouTube, the online video site whose popularity rests in part on the availability of pirated television and movie clips.


The point to consider is its not money that drives these legends, its their thirst for solving problems and making the user experience the net in a way that fosters growth and growth!

What else can then explain the strict advertising policy that the company follows? It has been a matter of constant debate as to how google actually earns money when its home page is still free from “sponsored links”. Companies like Yahoo and Ebay garbage their homepages with advertisements so much so that its often difficult to get to work!


The urge to constantly upgrade is quite visible in the email service that Google provides. Even after 3 years of testing the beta version of Gmail is still ruling the the guys want to improve upon the already well-built service. It has now been opened to all after 3 years of invitees only and it reamins to be seen if the upgraded infrastructure at Google can handle traffics that are sure to surge. 2.8 gb inbox memory is not something you can deliver easily.



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