An Inconvenient truth..

The impeccable style and the logistic approach does what many presentations and articles never could. The fact that earth is under duress was long known but the magnanimity of it all struck when the documentary “An inconvenient truth” hit me right where it mattered. The problem of Global Warming and the ever increasing CO2 concentration has led to consequences which if not looked into would lead to a geological change so mammoth and disastrous that humans may become extinct and corpses may walk over earth after the turn of the century. The film in discussion presided over by Al Gore (George Bush’s Opponent in the presidential elections for the tube lights) captures the essence of environmental disbalance and man-made catastrophes.

The slide show including pictures, graphs, animations and predictions were right upto the mark. Al Gore followed a holistic approach to drive home the point and actually succeeded at it. His may not be the most imaginative of ways but the devotion shows through and gasps and raised eyebrows are called for work.

The show was one of its kind in that even the most vehement critique would want to pass this on. Peppered with his normal life the film may be a gimmick but that does not take away any credit from the “President-in-the-running”. Even the most thick-skinned audience would shudder at the thought of ever increasing CO2 concentration. Using data from an array of sources and going back through ages(some made us walk back about 300,000 years!) the presentation is stunning and replete with all the necessary quotations and ironies.

“what gets us into trouble
is not what we don’t know

Its what we know for sure
that just ain’t so..”


“It is difficult to get a man understand anything
when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

The lines catch everyone off-guard and demand the attention that the presentation so very deserves.
He starts with a cartoon animation and then goes on to explain that as glaciers melt, sea levels will rise, eventually flooding land from Florida to Shanghai, Holland to India. In Calcutta and Bangladesh, he
says, 60 million people would be displaced. In Manhattan, Ground Zero
would be under the rising sea.

Using a Frog he depicts how humans react only to stimuli that are sudden when the responses to a stimulus, slow but steady, is ignored.Clearly the man seems well prepared to follow an exhaustive approach that wins over the confidence of the audience. Complete with throwing the ball at Bush’s court and poking fun at the latter’s approach he brings forth the inefficiency and lack of morality for a cause that demands immediate attention.

The film does what many articles and NGO’s never could. Working for a cause as great as this Gore clearly comes out a winner among the allegations of Environmental Fundamentalist and False Hoax Candidate. The film has to reach the masses to make a recognizable impact and schools , colleges and the parliament would be a nice way to start. The film hasn’t even been premiered in India so theres still a long way to go before this piece of finely crafted work carves its way through to its rightful recipient.

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