Ends justify the means?

Its a dog-eat-dog world where ethics hold no ground and principles give way to narcissistic opinions.It doesnt matter if you tread the correct path all way what does matter is whether you succeeded in reaching what you had destined for. In essence the ends justify the means.

You gotta let go of your barriers if you wanna make your mark coz only the winners get to write history and its them who decide what was right and what was not. What then defines ethics and principles? Is it the results that make one right or wrong? or shd i say it in hindi “Jo jeeta Wahi Sikandar”, there’s an addition to this phrase that goes like this “Jo Haara Wahi Chuchundar”. Need i say more?

What if? Thats the question almost all people breathe all through their life. What if I had made my decisions then? What if I had studied through my exams? What if I had asked her out before that sonofabitch did? and now u get my point..”Crying over spilt milk” – a phrase that complements the question. Perhaps people take pleasure in blaming it all on decisions…

If one has to be mean to come out a winner , one has to bleed to smell blood and climb shoulders to escape drowning but does that make the success much more sweeter? One of my observations with people have been that they invariably lock themselves up in their virtual firewall when someone questions his/her method of working. If men had wings they would fly and fly higher, the higher they wd go the higher they wd want to..surprise then that evolution denied us the one thing that would have completed our fantasies?


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