i or I?

Ever wondered why i (for myself) is spelt in capitals? or you are with them who deem it to be essential for maintaining self-esteem and confidence? Have you ever traced how this peculiar norm came to be accepted as yet another English paradox? “I” feel myself wondering always how this custom has summed up the state of human mind today.For those feeble minded individuals, i hereby speak of a trait so not uncommon amongst the mass today, a feeling that has led to actions so unbearable and illogical as only a man can comprehend.. i here speak of the stress on i with the capitals and the italics thrown in, i here speak of “EGO” as it is, laid bare by actions that depict a grotesque scenario.

Well, this newfound agony of mine is a culmination of interactions i have had during a phase which can at best be described as horror incorporated. Will leave that for now as i need to fend for myself too and if i dare to dare, people would dare to dare too!! If this seems way too idealistic i am sorry to be at a loss for words..

Please do not be so naive as to comprehend me as a desperate man penning his thoughts so as to vent his fuel in a safer way coz that is what precisely i am doing now. I do not say that i am untouched by this “i” syndrome i would be lying if i told you that..how can anyone in this world be not considerate enough to consider  himself? Do you expect him to give a hell to his needs and think and live for others? This brings me to another interesting paradox i came across while watching one of the episodes of ” Friends”, a runaway success in the american sitcom history.Must have been season 6 i suppose, when joey the casanova challenges Phoebe,the freak to present even a single act that was not selfish. His rationale being that people tend to help others because it gives happiness to their souls, they support the suffering as it imparts peace to their troubled souls. Hence all deeds, be it good or bad, mean or kind, noble or illogical are self-serving actions.

If all deeds are selfish in their own rights what then distinguishes one from being socially accepted and another rejected? Some say if a deed makes one happy without taking or snatching happiness of another that act is what this mankind craves for and accepts. That is, happiness is defined to be the opposite of sadness and will remain that way.

Saw the Will Smith starrer “The pursuit of Happyness” some time back. The movie in itself was well crafted with superb acting from Smith and seemed to be a modern day depiction of “Its a beautiful life”. While the latter had the holocaust to fight for the former had more pressing needs of surviving in an independant world. The movie has opened a debate of sorts with its mysterical spelling of “happiness”. While majority believe the spelling to be just a publicity gimmick, “thinkers” have found a deeper meaning inside (as they always invariably do!). They say the omission of ‘i’ points out that if we eliminate ‘i’ from us, the pursuit is over and happiness is all ours! The feeling of I being the reason primarily responsible for what man has come to.

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  1. I dont think that to have an ego is wrong. I would like to share Donald Trump’s thought here – “Show me a man without an ego, and I shall show you a loser.”
    There may be exceptions, but exceptions never prove the rule.
    Ego is important. For valuing oneself, for having faith in one’s abilities.
    I think the ‘I’ should and will remain capitalized till humans want to advance. As soon as ‘I’ changes to ‘i’, the downfall will begin.
    Similar are the thoughts of Ayn Rand in her ‘Objectivism’ philosphy.

  2. “man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress”.- Ayn Rand
    I do not underestimate the importance and necessity of having an Ego inside you. Neither do I dispute the significance it plays as a tool towards self-development both materialistically and spiritually. But numerous instance of wrongful attachment to ego and its associated egoistical behavior has been known to hinder forward thinking and constructive objections.

    Religion, nationalism, ideological preferences and jealousy when couipled with ego makes for a formidable opponent to self-enlightenment and development. Its more the misuse of this trait than its use than I intend to project and stand against.

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