Kshitij 2007- An overview.


I have been meaning to write about the fest I had been working upon for the past 9 months or so and which only culminated last month. The fest you ask?

Kshitij 2007, as it was called is the techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, my college that is. The fest in itself was a resounding success in that the volume of participation crossed all expectations primarily due to the hard work put in by the core team members and heads alike in which is off course included Yours truly.

There’s a brief description of the fest as it was along with a run through the events and happenings at this techno-managerial xtravaganza.

For those of you wondering why I took pains to write so much , the following writeup is to be published in “KGPians” our college newspaper.

Fests at IIT Kharagpur have always maintained a distinctive touch what with the extensive planning and hard work put in by the organisers, specially the core team which works day in night out through 8 whole months to make the fest a truly enthralling experience.Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur was hosted during the 1st-4th of February. Considering the tremendous leap that the previous edition had taken the expectations from the latest edition was sky-high. The fest was surely growing and getting noticed but that it would surpass even the wildest estimations was beyond comprehension.

Egyptian civilization and culture was chosen to be the theme, the rationale being the technical expertise and historical background of one ofthe world’s earliest civilization. A colorful and vibrant arena complete with a mammoth pyramid infront demonstrated the opulence and richness of the culture depicted. Sphinxes greeted the participants at the gates and kept them enticed throughout.

Participants and visitors turned up in droves and in packs and events leapt to a different plane altogether.Competitive events,workshops and guest lectures- the three major parts of the fest were a runaway success. The two thousand participants and prizes worth around 30 lakh rupees have placed us in a position where our claim for Asia’s biggest techno-management fest stands testified. Guest lectures bby nobel laureates, renowned scientists,top business leaders;workshops by eminent personalities,mind boggling competitions,awe-inspiring mega shows ensured that all the participants walked out enriched.

When a multitude of colleges from almost all parts of the country descend at this techno-managerial extravaganza the atmosphere is electrical and buzzing with activity. A host of completely new events meant that freshness was preserved and enthusiasm guaranteed. The 35 events that tested the brains of students from all parts of the country and covering a variety of disciplines were organised on a scale befitting a mega professional celebration of technology and business.

Creativity, technical expertise,managerial acumen, witful presence and above all, the spirit of healthy competition were put to evaluation.The pre-Kshitij events that make up the PRELUDE part included the Robotics workshop at places like kolkata,hyderabad,jaipur as well as online events for the inhouse and outside students.One of these events called ‘woodstock’ turned out to be a stunner for stock market enthusiasts and the gamers alike, the degree of participation breaching all expectations.

Eureka, the technical paper presentation competition received an overwhelming response with quality technical papers submitted by the participants, as for BPlan, the business plan presentation event, management colleges ruled the stage and came up with interesting and innovative business proposals. Apart from these a platter of innovative and new events unfolded with a huge response from the student community. Marca-De-Fabrica, Tycoon,Open-soft,Atelier etcetera kept the participants engrossed and entertained alike. The traditional events like Anadigix,Nirmaan ,Overnite and Nightshift attracted quality crowd and participation. The fact that six halls had to be used to accomadate the overnite participants speak for itself the curiosity that the events demanded.

In keeping with its motto of bringing out the latest in advanced technologies and off-the-cuff business practises Kshitij 2007 organised a host of guest lectures and workshops . With an aim of encompassing spheres of technology and science alienated from public view the guests at Kshitij boasted of domains unheard of by many and an extensive field in its own right. While Wg. Cmdr. Rakesh Sharma travelled down memory lane to depict his historical foray into the outer world, Ad Guru Alyque Padamsee shared his views on the ethics and principles that govern a successful man and his enterprise. While Nobel laureate Prof. paul Krutzen enlightened the chemistry enthusiasts, Mr. Eric Larsen had us taken to the hinterlands of antarctica replete with his adventures through the vast expanse of untrudged lands. A human cyborg in their midst, the visitors were kept spell-bound by the visiting scientific marvel Prof. Kevin Warwick. A next-generation flying mechanical bird was displayed by Mr. Nathan Christoner alongwith an exhaustive workshop to learn the nuances involved in the making of those ‘Ornithopters’. All in all the fest lived up to its reputation of imparting to the participants the innovation and advancements happening in the world today.


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