About the blog..

I guess it has been weeks since i last updated my blog..my non-existent readers were giving me a helluva time to entertain them with my “jargogled impressions”.

first things first, many people who visited my blog asked me, “Varun, what does ‘jargogled’ mean and why in the god’s name do you use ur high end vocabulary when ur prime purpose is to make people understand and follow ur thoughts? I mean if reaching out to people and spamming their brains with ur weird thoughts is what blogging is all about, how do u intend to do so when people do not really understand what is being said?”

To all those people, here’s my answer..”Dude. Jargogled is actually a newly framed word that hasn’t found its place in the oxfords or the cambridges till now. Like so many words it originated as a freakish accident by some intellectual youths who set out to change the way English is spoken, or written for that matter. Jargogled essentially implies a complex and round piece of crap(actually, in the speaking sense) that doesn’t intend to possess any meaning whatsoever for those listening. How I came across this word is anybody’s guess. My blog, in essence, relies on projecting the very same image for those reading.

Anyways, so much for the content. The obscurity of my grammar and my literature (as has been kindly pointed out by one of my seniors) is mainly because I intend to write for those who understand and have gone through the very same thought process that I tread. If that doesn’t make sense to you, nothing will.

I am thinking of having diary entries too, although I initially had a preconceived notion of people who actually did it. Diary entries are suited for the diaries only, that was my thinking when I first started blogging but then I do not possess the tempo nor the required handwriting skills to have a diary for that purpose. Will post my entries in the separate category, so people can ignore those.



  1. Wow! You do write good. Never mind the people (which once included me) who question the use of your incredible vocabulary. If you do not sit with a dictionary and look for alternative words for what pops into your mind, you should continue to chart the same road.

    I particularly enjoyed reading this post. It has a candid flavour, your own distinct style and most importantly, I think its very well written.

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