A novice attempt at poetry.

 Well, its 5 in the morning and i have this sudden urge to try my hands at the beautiful and expressing art of poetry, cant say for sure though, if the piece that follow qualifies to be one..hehe…

neways i believe you don’t need experience to write a touching story or a descriptive poem for that matter. Its a cumulative result of impromptu thoughts and wild imaginations coupled with a decent vocabulary to drive away the demons of rhymes and cases.

A novice attempt as it is, I have taken pains to leave all of my thoughts aside, so the content is mainly random and only a literature buff would be able to find the gist in this, enlighten me the moment any of you do so I can really understand myself!!

Ya Ya I know ur dying to take a look at the poem and feel the enchantment that comes with it, unintentionally but definitely..[:D]

It goes like this….

Beyond the distant horizons

under the expanse of seas

over the heights of success

as old as the trunk of trees.

the lights that wander

the darkness entwined

the reasons are darker

with imaginations blind.

the dawn comes to the rescue

the stars become your shrine

the failure grows apathy

a man fails to shine.

is this all that is in the world

shallows that change your mind

has the emotions been forsaken

to make up for the grind.

where do you stand

i ask again and again

where can you be

just you and you again.

the longings, the desires

the penchance and the ires

a part of you the whole of you

you gotta believe if it’s true.

Your feedback is of no use to me but then comments are something that drive people to write and blogging is actually connecting (thru comments and feedback, if you are wondering) !!

Leave aside a note or two if you appreciate the art. The poem is well ahead of its age , I know , but then so am I. Read it again if you wanna be thr with me too..Duh.



  1. Somehow I find this hard to believe that you are actually writing all this stuff. Are these words actually yours? everyone of them? And I am asking about the whole thing, not just the poem..

    You see, I think this really is something.
    Kudos is such a small word.

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