There was a hope I had before.

The skies were dark
The moon lay hidden
I was in tears
With brows alas heavy lidden.

There was a hope I had before
There was this dream that arose furore
I had no inkling,no idea not a ping
Why it touched me why did it cling?

I had to go and move away
I had to turn my head away
But the more I tried the more it lay
the rustic imaginations that i couldn’t slay

And in my dreams there was a boy
Who rode a boat by the danuby
the skies were filled with stars that shone
over the eyes of my righteous clone.

He hath no tears he hath no fears
he was free to be with his peers
there was something he wanted to say
in his eyes were reasons of clay.

You live to live the way you see
the lights of wonder and the odysee
why then are the men so blind
to the people, and to the grind.

He who cares for the people’s mandate
he who serves no view on the plate
he is the one you need to see
he can only be made free.

When the world strives for growth
when the men long for wealth
the purpose of soul is defeated
the meaning of life, cheated.

There was a hope i had before
there was a way I was so sure…


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  1. awesome bhai!!!! u actually wrote?? kidding… m proud of my brother!!! beautiful lines… well expressed!! keep it up!!

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