Flying High.

Poetic stories always give you that warm tingling feeling with touching details and moralistic viewpoints..grew up on a high dose of those literary pieces actually.
Its my first attempt at this type of work and I feel I have done justice to the concept.

see for yourself and enjoy..

           FLYING HIGH

The skies were gay the sun was due
twas early morning and birds they were few
There was this pigeon who hath no clue
it was so lonely he didn’t knew.

It liked to fly high up in the sky
The places where other pigeons couldn’t try
He wanted to be above them all
and in the process lead them all.

Through the years he tried so hard
to scale the skies like pack of cards
Left his family for his burning desire
He had no priority above this fire

The journey began with many friends
who passed many a curves and bends
Race was what he called this spree
and others were just rivals he’d see.

Many a times he lost his will
confused and tired and forsaken
His goals were blurred with desires to see
the lights of wonder and the dark blue sea.

He met a dove by the way
Who flew as low as it could at day
reasons unknown and no idea of a goal
the bird was just trying to play.

Up and up he flew
with rivals becoming few and true
He lost the track of time
He was just nearing his prime.

with all his might he tried to fly
to leave the others below his sky
there was no end he saw to this race
and gently his heart began to ache.

he went on without so much a heart
he had to win he had to prove
to others who weren’t there to approve
to the one’s who only sat in a grove.

and when he finally was the only bird in the sky
ecstatic he was and he was high
and as he looked down for others
he saw no one to look after his feathers.

He was tired he could fly no more
He needed help when they weren’t anymore
He was only trying to win
It was a folly it was a sin.


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  1. mate, i never knew u had this green cell in u which makes u write poetry..awesome man..keep on blogging n keep flying high.. 🙂

  2. Its good in that it rhymes. I think I have already complemented you on your rhyming capability. But you have to understand a poem is much more than some rhyming stanzas. You have to be consistent about what you are expressing throughout the piece and if there is to be a transition it should be so clear that its understood and perhaps gradual. Flitting from one thing to another doesn’t in the end give you that feeling after reading a poem that you suddenly are beginning to see something new.
    take this positively.

  3. I think i can understand that..
    actually, was trying to do just that in this poem, trying to stick to a point and not compromising gist over rhyming..its a learning phase yaar..think will get thr after some xposure..

  4. haan yaar..
    ghar ke compu main kuch problem hai to no chance of writing nething..btw am coming to kgp on 16th i tak ke liye kisi aur blogger se kaam
    chala le..[:P]

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