Perceptions they are a changing.

Perceptions change overnight while the very basic nature of your thoughts and feelings are guarded so closely with fortified walls that its almost impossible to scale it, even by the most persuasive ones, let alone the commoners. There is this pent up emotions that always finds its place into the way you carry yourself. You can change opinions through the power of coercion, persuasion,initiation or maybe even abstraction but the one thing you are most likely to be kept at bay is emotions that come with it.

Like in so many cases there are times when you simply want to give a hell to the people and their perceptions about the way they see you, there are times when you seem to feel the senseless act of self indulgence and wanna put an end to it, there are even days when you proclaim yourself to be above all this but it never tires you to feel high riding on success or appreciation in the very same body.

Appreciation is a strange way through which people generally throw their weight around, a simple act of praise can be viewed as just another attempt to emphasize that their opinions matter. We live for others and not for us.
One of the things I have learned till now here in kgp, living amidst a host of complex minds and an array of differing perspectives is the baggage people tend to attach to being famous and known. The levels to which people fall to meet these ends are plainly limitless. Its never ceases to amaze me what people do to people and for reasons alien to my tiny cerebra. I must say, this is one phase of my life where I have this false conception of being able to peek into people’s minds and elicit information I badly want to hear.

Comparisons are the cheapest way to discredit God, if He exists anyway( will touch upon that when I find myself an answer,I consider myself an atheist as of now) and it may be appalling to sense that it is the very trait so much in vogue these days me including. Its one thing to commit mistake unconsciously and another to repeat the same, knowing everything about it.

Its not that notions of acknowledgement and admissions are totally extinct but they are nearing it! I know its easy for me to talk the way I am doing here now and in my normal times I am different from the person writing all this, maybe I become one of the people I discuss here too, but then there are times when you feel you have cracked the code and come up with an answer more considerate than 42 and about as precise as history ( sarcasm is the best form of education you know!) and it is in one of those times that you want to pen down your thoughts to preserve it, hence the blog (a virtual agony aunt for me if you may).

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