The mystery is out. With some persistence from the atheists in the world, scientists have deciphered the elusive question of the origin of terrorism in the world. These researchers claim that it all started millions of years ago when GOD was created and under public pressure and the goodwill of the creators HE was kept under the first ever General Public License (Open Source Code) structure.

Due to the open source policy of the creators of GOD, the source code got modified time and again to suit local advantages. To localize the application of God and to submit to public demands of convenience the original source code underwent a series of changes with each part of the world contributing its bit to suit its own demands. It is not certain if the likes of Mahavir, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Allah etc were a result of these modifications. These localized versions of the code worked fine for a limited period.

But then due to a major upheaval (still unknown) the GPL central committee could no longer control the incessant modifications with the result independent implementation partners sprang up by the dozens to cash in through modifications that satiated public sympathy. Through the years the original source code got buried under the newest versions.

Recent data suggest the involvement of one Bin Laden who has been known to have carried fresh research and actions to implement his version. Scholars feel that he has been instrumental in doing away with the original code bit by bit. An extremist named George Bush has turned against the man and has for the past few years been demanding his execution on grounds of the possession of WMD(weapons of major diversions).

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