Not for your eyes. Certified (A) by the consensus board of India.

This is to certify that one Varun Jain is beginning to discern the silver lining between the clouds and after months of pondering has finally relented to shed some light upon his now celebrated apostles. From where the world sees his is an image one would love to hate and hate to love.

Up until the last century ( or was it last year?) this creature has kept his theories to himself but now that he sees himself as the champion of the fallen and idol  of the would be’s ,he has deemed himself worthy of the holy crime and has started calling a spade a dagger!

To all those who feel that his is one character you are most likely to blame for the debacles of the shit tank, I agree with each and accept their judgements with negligence galore. I have a dream, a dream that one day such people as Mr. Jain here who sees the world as one round sphere and visualizes people as boxes would jump from the ignorance of the well and salute the bliss of folly as the world around him does.

Some say this lad has been rejected as he is well ahead of his time and speaks of issues as jokes and is as foolhardy as Eve, this is a theory that has been very conveniently rejected by the intelligentsia and he has been sentenced to hang until birth six days hence from the 16th of June, 2020.

At times when the the economy of the not flat world has risen pathetically, Jain’s theories have sparked an array of debates and public outcry. People, willing to accept anything that has been dished out to them in print took to the streets to protest against the rising standard of living and has demanded a raise in the overall inflation which meanwhile has fallen dramatically to 45% in a span of just 10 years. RBI has tightened the noose around foreign direct investment and has been regulating monetary policies to curb the GDP which shows no signs of receding. The 2010 census, the basis of all calculations have shown an alarming trend with the elite rich getting poorer and the regal poor doling currencies.

Ever since the third world war, India has maintained a sophisticated battlefront with bofors and coffins their major areas of interest, one for the enemy and the other for us, not respectively. Ever since the ASEAN countries which now include India took over the reins of the developing west the economy has been stable. The dollar has appreciated against the rupee and has been showing signs of recovery. Indian colonies in the African hinterlands have been subjected to an autocratic form of governance popularly named democracy which has spread its tentacles to clasp the industrialised nations of middle east too. The conservative societies of western “white” lands of America have denounced the whole idea of fundamental rights and has reinstated the popular and highly recommended George W. Bush Jr .Jr., a texas ranch shepherd who has been known to play with firecrackers ever since he laid his hands on one.

More on this later.



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