I may not bring laughter
I may not bring the waters
its the opposite i turn on
the lack of feelings thereon.

this may seem a bit absurd to you
but rest assured it doesnt sound so to me
coz when i breathe in and out
i assume you are watching me.

you watch me eat you watch me sleep
yet there remains that distance
that not me nor you foresee
and that says it all.

you may say its a matter of time
you may discard it as buffoonery
yet the eyes bear the burden
of the lips that remain slippery

i know not what made me write this
but this is surely gonna find a place
in my meanderings and my blog
coz there aint anyone to see it.

I am on my own
as i always have been
i turn to the crowd
as i always seem to be.

this is foolish
a truckload of crap!!

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  1. A stalker and his paramour talk to each other. Hmm..Interesting…stop berating yourself at the end of all that you write. Its starting to sound prosaic.

    I like it in parts…someplaces the rhyming feels forced. Some other parts, its quite smart.

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