eragon.jpgThe fact that Christopher Paoloni is just 22 years old split my mind. Had this urge to read his much touted work which was supposed to catch the magic of the legendary Lord of the Rings crafted by the master J.R.R Tolkien. While the novel in no way even touched the brilliance of the master it very well left me waiting for the last book of the series “The book three of Inheritance”. The flow of the story was smooth and entertaining managing to project a commercial hit work, though not an epic.

Also, having read magical stories of the likes of Harry Potter and LOTR and fed with a constant dose of superhero cinematic blips I couldnt help but find a common thread that connected each of these fantastic stories. The protagonist in each of these stories always invariably turn out to be a loser who happens to posess that factor of sheer luck that propels him from the shadows of failure to suddenly the centre of the universe. That the connection is common on almost all the magical and superhuman stories paints a very frightening picture of the world if my assumptions are correct.

Driven by sympathy of the orphan child or the geek who couldnt propose his beau or the omnipresent beggar who had nothing these stories bring out emotions from the readers who share the same innocence towards all things weak and low. The enemy is always the same all powerful tall, bulk-built muscle-man with a stronghold of 3rd generation ugly and evil orcs/urgals/death-eaters with numbers that shame the stars.

While Eragon is a man/boy of dreams who does nothing other than hunt, while Harry the scar-clad teenager has almost zero academic skills, he specializes in courage,friendship and will-power, while Frodo is the last person one would entrust with the safekeeping of a penny, its them who eventually turn out to be the heroes who save the day in the midst of people with prowess. Paints a pretty picture doesnt it?

Coming back to the books, I would rate them 7 on a scale of 10 when it comes to entertainment. The author in some places even manages to sneak in words of wisdom least expected from a 22 year old guy. The connection between Saphira and Eragon is well crafted and elaborately elucidated. Its their conversation that keeps the strings intact in times when the novel gets a bit slow and boring. The author though has tried his best to trudge the LOTR way with an exhaustive description of the races and the tribes in the “MIddle Kingdom”.

Some characters seem to taken directly from the epic with the characters depicted and described in a more than comfortable similarity. Some of them include:

Orcs- Urgals???



Some uncanny similarities aside the book captures your interest. The whole part of learning and learning and learning and learning has been depicted fairly.

All in all the book is a one time read. Go out and buy the books for your children..they are gonna love the magic all over again..not that the grownups are not meant to be the readers.. 😛




  1. hmmm….nicely put bro 😀
    yaa the book is really worth a read…….and though one might feel it is too LOTRish lemme just say it is a much smaller version and reminds one of LOTR,its scenes and dialogues and its optimism.
    Maybe thats the reason this book has been such a success though many people write it off……….

    totally accept with you about Paolini’s shot at the description,LOTR is miles better

    and yea……i personally feel it also has shades of STAR WARS 🙂

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