Take heart if you do mind!!

Following are the excerpts from a conversation I picked up with an old friend one lazy day in December. It is a sufficient measure of the frustration level of two would-be-pathetic engineers who do nothing other than whine away time in frivolous pursuits and often termed “makhaoo” in our lingo. The topic of conversation transcends all boundaries and leaves nothing untouched in the hope of finding something better to do. The meanderings continue till a point comes when its no longer possible to dawdle away time coz we have to do what is the only thing we are best at- EAT!!!

Sit back and enjoy the mindless voyage into the minds of the two totally-frusst-with-life single lazy lethargic and makhaoo engineers:

P.S: Some of the portions have been clipped and edited coz some things are meant to be of a private affair between two close friends aren’t they?? Hence the beginning may sound abrupt and off-the-cuff ..:O

Deo: behold thy powerful wrists and strong hands my lord!!

me: nay my friend..hands are the instruments that keep women away

18:21 who needs them when our hands tk care of us


Deo: instruments of personal satisfaction!


18:23 but girls are necessary for emotional balance else there won’t be any difference between us and the robots

18:24 me: strong hands need strong minds my friend..

u never know if you are emotionally balanced or unbalanced

18:25 in the midst of deceptive lady luck

Deo: every man is just like dat! we are meant to be confused always!

18:26 me: confusion is a power bestowed upon men to let his mind roam clouds and scour territories

18:27 whither will a man go without his eccentricities

Deo: and roam in valleys and deep gorges, i may add, with thy permission

me: ?


Deo: as i said earlier a man’s eccentricity is his asset!!

18:28 me: thats what defines his very existence on this planet

18:29 Deo: look what 3 yrs in an engg clg have done to our thoughts!

me: )


thoughts can never be moulded my frnd

they evolve

and continue evolving

rt until u die

Deo: with their surroundings

18:30 and they evolve with ur experiences

18:31 me: ohh yes..experiences guide our meanderings

18:32 Deo: so if u remain in an all male environment or pseudo male environment ,as i prefer to call it now, u tend to be insensitive and treat ur emotional detatchedness as ur failure!!

18:33 me: thats perception..if all experiences are good experiences emotional detachment with the opposite sex is sidelined with the companionship of friends who live , eat and fart together

failures are relativistic

18:34 its ur mind that does the churning

18:35 Deo: so our mind is d devil, rite!

18:36 me: ohh yes

eventually it all comes back to the cerebra

it dictates terms of your existence

Deo: its a mad ,mad world! was born mad and madness is enshrined in my whole self!

me: theres no place for heart here

18:37 its the madness that makes this world livable

without it the normalcy would bore us out

gentle death

u wd say

18:38 Deo: human eccentricities borne out of our minds and spurred by our heart’s desire are the sole reason for our normal existence!

one can’t live wid mind alone!

18:39 me: its not a matter of surviving on mind alone

the question is who dominates

and as always mind rules the roost

heart simply takes orders

18:40 Deo: its the synchronism of our minds with our hearts that maketh us human!! different from machinesdoes it matter if its evil and corrupt as long as its for ur own good”,1] ); //–>

both work in unison.

me: ofc

wid mind dominating the proceedings


out of the conversation: at this point you have two options:”

either go through with the chat read or leave it at this and ignore the rest.

incase you are as lukhha as many of us here you are hereby permitted to proceed and proceed with pride of accomplishment while the rest can take their pretty ass away and frown!!

continue with PART 2 in the adjoining post..


1 Comment

  1. A pearl of wisom for you kid,

    This too shall pass.

    Take it from someone who has been there and reads the exact sentiments hidden between the lines.

    I know the above must sound perfunctory cliche to you. Believe me its not.

    I will leave you with two more words:
    Narcissism and Nihilism.

    Recognize them and run like crazy from ’em.

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