Take heart if you do mind!!(Part 2)

18:41 Deo: devil(mind) has to have some balancing force– angel( heart)

18:42 me: how can mind be the devil when it does what its reqquired to?

Deo: mind’s just like a processor that needs power supply( heart) to work

18:43 because all the malaise thats there in us has its roots in our minds!!

18:44 me: yet..thats what its job entails

to think whats best for u

18:45 does it matter if its evil and corrupt as long as its for ur own good


18:47 Deo: thats what i said self good shudn’t be our sole motto. i don’t say that all of us have to be altruistic. but, it is our mind that teaches us to do so just like the machines !

18:48 me: every deed in itself is selfish

Deo: nope!

me: why then it it wrong to think abt urself


ohh yes

every deed in itself is selfish

18:49 Deo: we are humans and sometimes what we do is not for our own self . but for the society, for the nation.

18:50 me: the person gains mental satisfaction from helping the nation /society

Deo: what would u say abt our soldiers who lay die their own lives for saving us. are they selfish?

me: he does it bcoz he feels good doing it?

‘be it because of recognition or social service

18:51 he does it because it makes him feel good

why else wd one take the trouble?

so in the end every action one takes

he thinks about his mental satisfaction or happiness

Deo: what help wud the recognition be when the person himself is no more, to enjoy the fruits of his service as u see it

18:52 me: thats the ultimate aim

Deo: he does it because in his heart he has love for his country

me: thats necessity my friend

he earns a living doing the thing he


18:54 Deo: there are other ways of earning a livin, less hazardous ones! why one shud choose such


me: many jobs have their own occupational hazards

this is not to discredit the service thy do

18:55 even if his love for his country makes him lay down his life

Deo: hazards are everywhere!

me: he does it because it makes him feel good doesnt it?

Deo: he feels good at heart, not in mind rite?

18:56 me: see…

if he had listened to his mind

he would not venture on such a journey

18:57 its his heart that goads him to this path

and eventually lends a helping hand to his grave]

18:58 Deo: but gives him a feeling of satisfaction , rather than the constant hunger for more and more evil?

me: again..thats perception..why is thinking of oneself always considered evil even when it doesnt entail any harm to the fellowmen./??

18:59 Deo: selfish doesn’t entail any harm to fellowmen??

is it?

me: no it doesnt

looks after your own interests wothout coming in other peoples ways

19:00 neither help

nor disrupt

just stay aloof

and mind ur own busines

thats capitalism

19:01 Deo: the what do u say of traders and middlemen who are selfish and in their own interests raise the profit margins and cause hardship to the common man!

hows dat for capitalism?

me: why wont they?

they trade to earn money


they work hard for whatever they earn

Deo: earn money by burning holes in common man’s pocket

19:02 me: thats monopoly dude

Deo: i don’t subscribe to dat

me: that doesnt exist in an open market

Deo: monopoly is a byproduct of capitalism

me: neither is that close to capitalism

no it isnt

thats a common misconception

19:03 Deo: some measure of regulation is a necessary evil!

i dont oppose capitalism in totality!

19:04 me: regulation does nothin other than stalling progress

Deo: but i cant benefit the society without a dose of socialism

me: its a constant evolving world

19:05 socialism brings with it mass corruption and zero progress

even China seems to have understood that

look at what socialism did to india

what was once the most advanced nation on earth

Deo: i told just a dose of socialism. not in totality. china is a perfect example of that

me: turned out to be a lumbering elephant

19:06 all beacuse of the idealistic nehruivian philosophy of a mixed economy

Deo: market regulation has allowed its own companies to prosper! lenovo overtoook ibm

19:07 me: i dont oppose market regulation on condition that innovation and growth is not forestalled for the sake of common man!!!

look at the state of organized retail in India today

19:08 Deo: nehru was a selfish bigot who just treaded in unchartered waters all at the behest of those leftists who are the biggest impediments to our success

me: no..

nehru was a pathetic idealist

who believed in the caliber of Indian civil services

which was the ultimate letdown

19:09 those were the days when socialism was considered progressive

Deo: he was not an idealist. he was as selfish a politician as u can find in every nook and corner of india today!

me: and half the world subscribed to the USSR ideology

19:10 Deo: ussr was a failure because its very foundations were shaky

me: twas the latter bunch of politicians who stayed glued to the moorings of the gandhi clan

Deo: no competition is just scuttling ur creativity

19:11 what gandhi said was nothing but an expression of his altruistic thoughts

me: gandhi dint believe in science

19:12 he wanted to go back to the village culture

Deo: he was admired by einstein!

me: no change was good for him

ohh yes

we are talking of two different aspects of gandhi

Deo: he did not decry changes.

me: the one before independence

and the one after

19:13 Deo: he entailed panchayati system which was nessary at that pt of time

me: he was also not enthusiastic about industrial revolution either

19:14 am not surprised india never got to attain that

its only after 1991 that india changed tracks

Deo: that was not becoz of gandhi , dat was becoz we did n’t have the resources to do dat1

19:15 me: ohh no..

half the world came forward to support the country

including the united states of america

often considered the mother of evil nations

19:16 read : capitalist

Deo: we had to beg and it was a vvicious cycle of debts which we are still in the process of repayments even today

me: offcourse

19:17 u dont expect them to help u out of charity do u?

we cudnt repay because of the pathetic state of our public sector industries

which did nothing other than stall proceedings

19:18 Deo: nope. then what’s so great abt them. even ussr helped india. india survived three wars and hostile neighbours just bcoz ussr helped india

me: yes..all beacuse india detached itself from usa

Deo: what did us do? help pakistan and turn a blind eye towrds china’s ambitions

19:19 me: all this inspite of being non alligned

that was duality

Deo: usa wanted india to be one of its satellite sates just like britain and australia ar enow for mr bush

me: satellite states/??

19:20 if you mean working together for common growth

thats accepted

look at the state if australia and britain

Deo: u are independent but ur entire foreign policy is shaped by some one else. i call that pseudo- independence!

me: and then look @ india

19:21 Deo: india is like this bcoz of us!

me: u accept the policy because its best for the nation


the blame game would be too long to end

19:22 we have never learned to accept that market works itself out in the end

Deo: we dont want to work for our own progress we are just lazy bums who will not bat an eyelid while accepting and giving bribes and doin nothing

me: and going by the market seems to be the best bet towards a more developed and progressive natio

19:23 Deo: market eceonomy is graet but without regulation its dooomsday for customers

me: u cant expect a revolution every second generation

Deo: provided dat does not scuttle creativity

me: exactly..

Deo: u cant deny that eoither

u can’t deny a revolution either!

19:24 me: how can a bunch of diplomats decide whats gonna be passed and what cannot be?

Deo: renaissance happened in 16th century and industrial revolution just 2 centuries aftr that

19:25 then is that supposed to be decided by a bunch of traders

me: it started in different nations

Deo: is that so?

it satred in europe

me: but different nations

19:26 different reasons

Deo: italy , france and britain wre at forefronts of it

me: so u expect a revolution of the likes of industrial revolution or rennaisaance to happen every other century?

is that not asking for a little too much

19:27 revolution is never planned

they happen to happen’

just like that

with strong reasons

Deo: xactly why can’t somethin that has happenedb4 cannot happened again

me: and logic no doubt


isnt the information revolution underway rt now??

19:28 Deo: a revolution is nothing but a culmination of mass deisre for a better life

me: the one india seems to be riding the most

Deo: market revolution-1991
it revolution-2001

me: yes!!


19:29 Deo: c both happened in such quick succesion

me: it took 50 years to change the structure of indian market

Deo: still not a lifetime

me: that too beacuse one manmohan singh and narasimha rao took upon themselves something they bever comprehended to be this big

twas a chance

19:30 Deo: what we need now is complete restructuring of our education system, which is at best pathetic

me: so true

infact ..

that was in our 1st 5 yr plan

and has been thr ever since

Deo: and we can be the forebearers of this revolution

me: from 34% to 67%

19:31 Deo: its still a long way to go!

me: these are mere statistics

Deo: we spend less than 2% of our gdp on education.

me: yes..

19:32 even when we proclaim to be the biggest impediment to a double digit frowth


Deo: and with this system we produce winners , is nothing short of a miracle

19:33 me: imagine if the market restructuring had occured in 1947

we could have left the world behind

19:34 Deo: we wud never have been able to come to terms with dat!

we4didn’t have the recources and neithgerdid we have skilled manpowers

me: if the markets were allowed to have its say we could have overcome any deficiency

19:35 did we possess enuf IT skills to be dominant


yet we did

ciz market was let loose

and india zoomed ahead

Deo: but still we had some talent pool of the halllowed iits and others followed

19:36 me: we did have resources to set up mammoth money gurgling PSU’s

that did nothing other than eat up country’s revenires

Deo: that was a mistake

me: revenues

19:37 Deo: and still they continue to do dat!

me: disinvestment is the answer

thgh in the wake of rising competition many psu’s have risen to the challenge

look at ongc

Deo: sail is the perfectexample

me: look at sail

19:38 Deo: it came from the reds topost a pofit of 10000 crores

me: yes!!

thats what competition does

Deo: and for that matter , ourown public sector banks

19:39 competition with regulation

me: regulation??

thats what stalling it to become a world leader

19:40 now

is it not the regulations that has made sbi the worst on customer service

19:41 inspite of being the largest and the most extensive

Deo: microsoft eliminated netscape in the 90’s which went bankrupt bcoz it gave internet explorer for free,which othes cud not do bcozthe did n’t have the teeming billions which microsoft had!!!

me: with the maximum deposits

Deo: competion over!!

monopoly comes to the fore

had itbeen regulated that wud have never happened

19:42 me: is it not msn’s rt to earn for the good it has done?

i dont justify the


monopoly is bad

i accept

19:43 Deo: what gud it first gave ie for free and when there was no competition they staretd charging money for that

19:44 me: strategies companies employ to stay at the top

and provide employment to millions

through its development

Deo: u dont want vista buttoday u can’t buy ceratin laptops withoout it and in the process u end up paying licensing fee for that which u shud nat pay in any case

19:45 me: the sad point of free market is some of its good points are masked and qualitative

Deo: free market leads to monopolies! its a proven fact

me: ofc

i am not against some regulations

19:46 Deo: loook what trai is doin in telecom market. ifeel its doin a wonderful job

me: ohh no

i feel the exact opposite

with the number of cell users set to expand

and the villages desperate in need of connectivity

19:47 trai is doing nothing but stalling prceedings

its formula for limited spectrum is disoriented

and anti-market

Deo: its not releasing spectrum. that’s the problem created by our idiotic telecom minister not trai

me: yes

Deo: who wants money for that

19:48 me: but the system of distribution it wants to employ is nothing short of stupid

and dicriminatory

can not such govt regulatory authorities be influnced by corporate houses of the likes of Rel info

to rule in its favor?

19:49 thats the only problem with regulations

Deo: again this policy was shaped by the parliamentry committe headed by the same minister not trai

me: when money can buy certain rights however undeserving through the manipulation of diplomats

Deo: who is rumoured to have taken moneyfrom freliance]

i mean reliance]

19:51 accha chal i got to go 4 dinner!!

c ya later


me: hmm

chal ttyl




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