Ahoy 2008!!!

Slowly it fades away

like a tide it swung

like a sin it clung

i wish it could stay.

times they are a changing my friend

painful times joyous times

its just a date its just a fucking date

why shouldn’t we all call it fate.

i know not what lies ahead

you never do

but i would be there when it comes

come what may i would be ready.

they say every sunrise should herald

a new beginning a new era

they say every act in itself behold

a new championed metaphoric viscera.

cometh two oh oh eight

i stand the test of times

i will fight the warrior i will fight the great

i will stand whatever it takes.



  1. donno what to say abt this masterpiece fromour very own mr. yeats!!
    a nice piece of poetry though, i must say!!
    there’s a paradox though. the past clings on to u with a vice like grip and you seem to be mesmerised by it, on the other hand u are eagerly waiting for the new year( symbolising future)!!

  2. we do have mixed feelings about a new year and another bday dont we??
    smtimes we rue that the says are past and sometimes we wonder what lie ahead,,

  3. Good One Dude!!!

    I feel the line “you never do” should be “i never do”. Though it’s upto you since you happen to be author.

    Nevertheless nice piece of poetry. One of the very few times you create art out of nothing. Keep it going.

    Have you ever considered journalism as a career? Well you could be the next Sandipan Deb. Oh No! You could be the first Varun Jain!! (Bloody make me the hero in your book that you would write about the jubilant time that we spend here.). Hehe.

    P.S: Have a splendid new year.!!!!

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