He had it coming, even after the midnight blast of esoteric comparisons and the futile oil burning exercise the inevitable was too bright and significant to spare a thought for a different outcome altogether…he felt it in his veins, in his mannerism and above all in his relations. Why it took this long was the question that lingered in his mind more than the reason for such a debacle. He had spared no thought coming out of the perilously innocuous situation he had landed himself in with activities that bemoaned a pursuit of waste and futility. Yet he felt secure in the belief that atleast his sense of being was untouched, his beliefs intact, his notions noble and his temper subdued.

How it all started…

Aditya never had it that good and that big. The suddenness of it all took him and those whose knew him by surprise. The torrent of good times were too good to last that long..nothing lasts that long not even sadness. Yet, he had failed to foresee the consequences of it all..failed to muster the courage to denounce it with as much vehemence and ferocity as it had come upon him, success does that to people, makes them immune to the happenings around. The wind speaks a different picture to each yet to the people who have made it big and in a span of time that characterizes a dwarf when looked at the larger picture.

Ishika kept to herself throughout the ordeal not bothering to take it up with his beau and a frontline matrimony prospect. She had never been known to be a caring and affectionate person but when it came to Aditya she was a completely different persona. All this changed, nothing remained, no trails no scraps nothing..twas all vacant with spaces and lots of spaces.

To be continued…


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