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The larger the cabal gets the fuzzier the ideals become… or so the saying goes…it begs to conceal an evidence of harsh reality that seems to elude most who seem to pass the phase with a mileu of temperate sarcasm and indifferent demeanor. Lies Lies and more lies seem to evade the sad state of affairs and tend to moderate the few voices of dissent that crop up invariably and incessantly, yet the empire strikes back with such vengeance and ferocity that the billowing subdues to a jargogled quibbering. The visions are cut in its buds and inertia rules the roost. Momentum is everything when it comes studded with materialistic pleasures and worldly successes but does the moral victory signify the end of it all or concentrated efforts are in the offing to change the system. You need to be in the system to change the system..true but practicality defies the wisdom of ages and preconceived notions create a strangely romantic atmosphere with a hunky-dory mannerism.

Alexander was a great conqueror but was it all that he intended to acheive in his whole life-time? He wanted to be a ruler and not a ruthless perfectionist. He intended to defy the set wisdoms of plunder and maniacal fantasies with dreams that could put even the idealistic visionaries to shame.

Mohandas dreamed of an India that encompassed realms of human imagination and surrendered itself to the real motives of life and livelihood. He saw in India a land which could push planet Earth into a hitherto unrealized sphere orbiting around the ideals of mythical superheroes with the soul intention of keeping to their faiths and working relentlessly to gain acceptance. Where Gandhi failed, what is the probabiliy of a diminutive mortal to succeed?

Ideas craft a fantastic symmetry of rich accomplishments but is it the sole bearer of the visions that aim to derive pleasures from the fruits of its labor? Objectivism is arcane and profound, fundamentalists are primitive idealists and nothing more, Marxism is dead meat meant to be eaten raw.

Taleb in ‘ Fooled by randomness’ says one should refrain from generalizing things which are meant to be random. Story telling is compelling but discerning, one should refrain from taking a cue from historical texts unless one sees things that are meant to be seen, one hears voices that should not be ignored. Black Swans are rare but not extinct. Oscured texts tend to invite the angst of the masses who fail to grasp the underlying significance of the vaguely assembled words, yet the beleagured writer goes on in his mission of meeting with like minded individuals. Readers/Writers, it is said are bane to the society since they contribute nothing more than vague hypotheses that hold no grounds in an overly-unsimplified world. The so called productive elements in the society undermine the capacity of the unassuming simpletons. Looked at through another angle the procastinating faction create a much-needed balance needed to keep the clock ticking and the engine running.

Frodo carried the burden of The Ring through the dangerous terrains of Mordor to finally succumb to the charms and the calling of evil. Historical perspective didnt help him gain an upper hand in the decision of keeping the one ring all for himself, the one ring that had the potential of destroying the whole of Middle Earth including the Oh-so-charming Shire. Yet, the one angle that eluded the readers was the pitiable Gollum who endeared one and all with his fight with the alter-ego, the one split-personality that eventually was the sole reason of victory for the valiant men of the west. Gandalf saw the importance of the midget in ways no one could and it was his wisdom that led Frodo to keep the company of Gollum till the very end. Forecasting through stochastic simulations? No!!!

History lays the foundation for an improved and calculated future, yet history has been known to bolt the last nail in the coffins of many a men who chose to live with the analogies of the past and failed to grasp the significance of a world dominated by random events that had no correlation whatsoever with the thickest volumes of ancient civilizations.

Compare your world to mine, use regression if you may.

Sadism comes easy and rebellion is hip and cool. I want no part of it, mind you.



  1. random thoughts put together in an intriguing fashion..
    true whatever u have written but history shows how these vague hypotheses’ and romantic idealisms has sometimes lead to revolutions and drastic changes against the momentum…how writers/idealists in the past have taken generations by storm and that is why we are talking about them even now, i guess??

  2. @ bhasu…
    thinkers are phantoms operating in the stratosphere with limited windows of exposure to the outside world…its their innocence that makes them endearing and looked at…they need to be backed by people with the desired influence to carry the ideals forward..
    nice to know u gt the gist…:)

  3. Start using cleaner shorter sentences and smaller words bro. The open letter was much better. Hey wait a minute! Is this what I think it is??? You f**** copycat!! You have to copy my methods as well!!!!

  4. @ Vijit…
    pray tell me how have i done the dishonor of copying ur methods…
    it may have been done inadvertently i guess…it all runs in the genes doesn’t it?

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