Devils Advocate

->Gujarat: Narendra Modi is still the archetypal scapegoat for the mayhem during the Godhra days. (Nanavati is supposed to be a puppet in the hands of the all powerful RSS Messiah).

-> UltaPradesh: Mayawati withholds the land at Bareilly coz its Sonia’s territory. How much for revenge? Meanwhile Mulayam and Amar of the Jay-Veeru stable are fretting over where would they be if and when the BSP supremo becomes the PM- a very likely scenario, coalition politics will do to India what Oh Bama will do to America- Change!!

-> ‘Maharashtra: MNS chief Raj Thackeray says thus, ” Maharashtra will burn if you dare to arrest me for burning Maharashtra”, hows that for irony? On the other side of the spectrum Balasaheb Thakre is wondering how his prodigal son went from bust to boom. The young guns are blazing and how!!

-> WestBengal: The oft-hated state coz its anti-industrialization. Save the killings and the murders and the rapes. If Bengal is hell bent on rapid ruralizing we are all for it. Another Lady holds sway. The M’s seems to do what the K’s cant for Ekta haan?

-> Kashmir: Well, we should just leave it at that can we? Its a very touchy issue isn’t it. It has been for the past 60 years or so, why should it change? I don’t suppose I would live to see a solved case here.

-> Delhi: Murder in broad daylight. Minister says, ” The CEO’s should learn a lesson from this incident”. Excuse me?  Woman raped and murdered in dark Gurgaon 6-lane pavement. Chief Minister says thus,” The girl was pretty adventurous. She should not have stepped out at night.” Come again? That too in Delhi? Home to Commonwealth 2010? You think?

-> Bihar: Rahul Rajan’s death will be repaid in kind. The whole of Bihar will have to suffer. Massive and symbolic “Bandhs” to commemorate the ‘Shahid’ Bihari that disrupts business and stops the already stagnant economy. Had the person in the bus been someone named Habib-Ur-Rahman would the same significance been attached to his supposed murder? Hell no!!

-> Orissa: Hindus up in arms against the Guerilla warfare indulging Christian missionaries. They would be happy to see poor chaps die than convert to christianity for food. Hey Ram, after all its an attack on Hindu genealogy. The Hindu Terrorists are not terrorists. This is Their ‘Holy War’. Orissa is their Kurukshetra. They can’t lose. They will do whatever is their to do. Murder, Rape or the eponymous Lynching- we are all for it so long as there are no conversions.

-> Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Manipur, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, UP, Jammu & Kashmir– all have winessed the tragic bomb blasts. The only good thing about these blasts have been the absence of a single perpetrator. There is the always present Moslem mujahideens, then there are the kar-sevaks or the hindu prachalaks or the RSS swayam sevaks, then there are the regional level NGO’s like Ulfa, Maoists, Tiger Sena, MNS, SIMI etc. Not a lone crusader any more?

-> Maharashtra vs UP/Bihar, Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka, Maharashtra vs Karnataka, Dalit vs Brahmin, and now SC vs ST!! The tournament is getting bigger still. This may give the IPL a run for its money in times to come!

If you think I am gonna lambast India for all of the above mentioned deeds you are on the wrong tracks. I applaud India for upholding what is considered to be the best and the largest of the attributes of a successful democracy. Its this diversity that we are proud to have been associated with. Its these incidents after all that help us understand what being an Indian really means to us. How can we relate to our forefathers without the memories of the partition? What use is revering the Bi@#h when one can’t help but appreciate the subtlety in the times of Emergency? Ayodhya was a milestone in our long history. The only one that deserves a special mention.

Why am I saying all this now? Well, I for one am proud to have lived at times when these things happened and when someone comes to me and says crap about India and its craps I have to crap on the fuc$%## crap. You see, I am not an eternal optimist as you might like to believe. I understand the various sentiments that pulsate the pulsating mobs to send a pulse once in a while. I am up at arms against the innocent by-standers who have nothing left to do other than throw dirt on the more responsible lots. Its them who we should send a strong message to. We are the mob, the people how can we be wrong? No logic can contradict our beliefs coz we are all for the common good, invisible and dazed howsoever it may be.

I say to you now as I have said to you at the beginning of this journey. Listen to me and you will stay the way you are. Trusting your intellect is gonna take you haywire. You have no opinions. You have no rights. You are a servant to the common goal of larger good and would have to work towards attaining that, come what may. I absolutely demand your allegiance to this holy jehad against everything and anything that comes in the way. You don’t need to show the light coz you dont even have a say. You should let things be and keep your issues etal at bay.

I would relate to you a sad case of over optimism on part of a misguided zealot. Hari was a resident of a small town in MP. He was a social worker at heart and had dedicated his life to the upliftment of the pathetic losers. He thought working for the society would help him secure a seat at the panchayat level and that he would be able to extend the work through more significant channels. His campaign slogan went like this, ” Don’t say again that you didn’t have better choice”, What kind of electoral slogan goes like this?  I mean seriously, what was this loser thinking? How could you rise against the political clout of the authoritative families? When will people learn? What happened? He lost, thats what happened. What else could you expect. You yourself voted him out bey.

You might be wondering what instigated me to spit this out. I will tell you what made me see the light that I so wanna propagate. 5th November changed the way I thought. The fact that a blackie made it to the whitie castle at the land of ending opportunity and the jubilation of us Indians at this preposterous incident made me understand the finer variations in our ideals and thinking. I understood why it is more important for us to know that the democrats favor taxation and are anti-war than enquire what the Bee Jay Pee thought of the situation in Orissa. I realized the importance of knowing that the Republicans do not want the govenment to affect a bail out of the housing sector and that it intends to carry on the good works of Bush in matters pertaining to Iraq when I don’t attach any importance to the RBI stand against the credit crunch or the Congress’s neutrality over the Singur issue. In short, when I am to move to the US of A eventually why should I care what monstrosity goes on here. The Great American Dream is the Great Indian Dream after all. When I see people here itching to move out I feel a sense of brotherhood towards a common cause. Shunning responsibility comes easy to us and we would be better off doing what we have been doing for so long. H1B visas or not I my homecoming ain’t far off.

Swami Vivekananda quotes Chandogya Upanishad – Uttishtatha, jagrata prapya varannibhodata – Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.



  1. .. well framed report i’d say ..
    though can’t help justifying the very mentality we Indians have today .. damn right we don’t care what Bee Jey Pees of this country.. and the reason is very simple … WE DONT LIKE THEM FOR WHAT THEY DID…

    one thing more …. I understand that your goals should have no limits and people often tend to judge you on the basis of where-you-finish … but that doesn’t make “the-point-where-you-started” any less important for others ..

    Jai Maa Bhaarti !

  2. @RJ
    there are no reasons when it comes to the indifference meted out to everything local but thats not my point here, neither am I castigating BJP or the likes..
    as for the second point I think we have already gone through tht?

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