The Descent.

Picture this:

Its 1 am at night. Dark, chilly, silent winter night. All night chores of night dwellers have been muted. Silence all around. You walk into the dark alley fearing for your life. Life in the city has not been safe lately. Plenty of mugging, rape, murder and stuff. You walk briskly so as to reach your destination with the minimum of damage and yet there is this feeling that is constantly gnawing at your head. You pay no heed. You continue walking.

A shrill scream pierces the silence with such velocity that it shakes you to your senses. You are terrified, petrified, stupified. You understand your duty to let down your guard and run, run for your life but instead you stand glued to your spot. Move you do not, not an inch. Another scream, this time from the opposite direction. You are now moving more sideways than straight. Transfixed, spell-bound by the enchanted night. A scary night indeed.

Footsteps…more of them, from one direction and another. You dare not move an inch. Contemplation, anxiety, fear all cocktailed into numbness. Human curiosity sucks, bigtime. You experience an adrenaline rush. You are no coward. You will fight for your honor. Spartan style. Goons no matter how many, you will take them all. Entranced, you follow the footsteps. The hunted becomes the hunter. What a night!!

You see a non-descript building two blocks ahead. Voices, now clear and loud. Scream, laughter, scream, laughter, scream, silence. Pin drop silence. You curse yourself, pinch yourself. Still, you move ahead. Hurried voices now, running again, engine starts, screeching tires, blinding flash, black silhoutte, hooded giant, excruciating pain, darkness.

Hushed whispers, heated discussions. You open your eyes. Strange room, or is it a dungeon. Where are you? A last ditch futile attempt at screaming before the lids come crashing down. Darkness.

A commotion somewhere. Where? Light re-enters, lids reopen. Unfamiliar place, strange room, scary strangers. A face appears above your head. Pitch black, eyes shining, scars prominent. You are a captive. Mouth opens, tongue curls, no sound, not one decibel. You are a mute now. Scared eyes, scary eyes. You scream, in your head. The face opens his mouth. No sound. Deaf? You try to sit up to survey the scene. Dead. Move you do not, not an inch. Frightened eyes, dead limbs and muted breath. Agony, fear, anxiety. Wait no, lids are closing, yet again. No!! Not this time, you fight with all your might. Worthless. Darkness again.

Loud engine noise, you open your eyes. You are now in a car, running feverishly at frantic pace. Uphill ride, at dark hours. Chilly air bites at the nerves.

You are being carried over shoulders, giant shoulders.Cliff-top. You begin the count down. May God bestow mercy upon me. I am sorry Dad. I wish I had more time to make amends. Dragged now. Dusty roads, empty roads, silence, moon-less night.

You are falling now. So this is what gravity feels like. Now you know. Air brushes past with alacrity. The top is pretty deep now. You begin the count-down, yet again. The Air drag is heavier now. Your fall slows down. The ‘thud’ is now just moments away. You perform the last rites, yourself. Falling, you still are. How deep down is the end? How much longer is the destination? You wonder, but dare not look down for fear of death from fear itself. You wait with bated breath for that blissful joy and the climax. It better be good. So much to tell, so much to do.

You are still falling, down and down. You know not how down. The end is near, you know not how near. Yet, it’s there, staring right back at you. Fear, now you have overcome. Death, now you have undone. You are ready to look down now. You do not fear the end now. You have long prepared for it. You will die, but will not die a coward. That much you know. With eyes closed you turn your head to see the end. Eyes open, dream ends, sleep ends.

Was it a dream, or was it for real?


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  1. “Fear, now you have overcome. Death, now you have undone. You are ready to look down now. You do not fear the end now. You have long prepared for it. You will die, but will not die a coward” …. I hope they all share similar sentiments.

    wish it was just a dream … He didn’t take my life but he did manage to take away my pride.. so if the day should come that this very Allah, in whose name he seems to be fighting for, gives me a chance to meet our Mr. Jihaadi, I’d make sure he realizes what real cockiness means and how we define “terror” here in India….

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