Testing Windows Live Writer

This post is intended to check the application convenience of Windows Live Writer. The desk-top application for blogging seems a cool and no-frills attached application for the writers in people. The editor is simple to use and intuitive. The options to choose between html/xhtml is there in the offing. Advanced image insertion is the one thing I am hooked onto. Not many desktop clients do that. On a first-look basis the application looks cool and worth a try. In any case here at Kharagpur, the WordPress server takes ages to upload and more often than not it trails behind FB to get the matter clean and easy.

I will see how and when it affects my frequency of writing. But one thing is for sure, Windows Live is a killer app, atleast for me it is. Well, they couldn’t download the editing style from the wordpress for me but Video insertion and in-line spell checking will work fine with me. I would have to use it more often to see where this thing is headed. As for now, I am hooked onto WLW.

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P.S:I am not a tech-geek, nor am I too up-to-date with the latest in the tech-world leaving the commonest ones.



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