50 Questions on my mind.

An exhaustive list of some of the questions I need to ask myself over the summers and something I am not gonna find an answer to. (Yes, I know it’s true). Listing it here so I can track back if I actually ended up being totally ignorant about these questions later on. Readers are requested to exercise restraint while composing a reply/comment. No query here needs elaboration nor does it demand a solution. These are some of the unanswerable questions that need be unanswered or so I think.

Q1. When does it all begin?

Q2. MBA begets common sense or does it?

Q3. Procrastination is definitely the in-thing nowadays or is it?

Q4. What do you do when your system is broken and seems to work according to its own whims and fancies?

Q5. What do you do when you really want to do something but then never seem to find the effort that is required to actually do it?

Q6. What do you do when you are in a place for about 2 months with no friends whatsoever and have to make do with the samaj (society) as we call it here and the relatives and the well-wishers and the acquaintances?

Q7. How to proceed for a Phd in Finance?

Q8. How to say to someone that you care and care a lot?

Q9. How to join a Gym when you really want to cut that waistline of yours and still manage to wake up at 11?

Q10. How to plan your career trajectory when you don’t even know where you are gonna end up in the next month or so?

Q11. 1000+ unread articles on the Google Reader thingie. How not to use ‘Mark all as Read’ for once?

Q12. Why do we Twitter? Why do random tweople add me up and why do I add random tweople?

Q13. How can someone be so naive and yet so brilliant at the same time?

Q14. When will I learn to learn?

Q15. How about a light at the end of the tunnel?

Q16. Can I be more senstive to things that are more nonsensical?

Q17. Will BJP bounce back from the recent debacle?

Q18. Am I ever gonna visit the African hinterlands?

Q19. Will Federer take Wimbledon and regain ATP #1?

Q20. Is Jenson Button gonna win the F1 championship?

Q21. India v/s Ireland. Can the match be any more skewed?

Q22. Manmohan seemed confident yesterday. Will he be thus when it matters?

Q23. Jab tak rahega samose mein aalu, tab tak rahega Bihar mein Lalu. Is the phrase now redundant?

Q24. Need I be more specific than I always am?

Q25. Do I ever make any sense to any sane human being?

Q26. Will I ever get to meet Priyanka Chopra?

Q27. Am I ever going to sky-dive from a Lockheed Martin?

Q28. Will I ever drive a Porsche?

Q29. Am I ever going to go on a back-packing trip to the euroland?

Q30. Can I replicate Che Guevara/Latin America with Varun Jain/India?

Q31. Is New Zealand as far as it seems?

Q32. Social Media Networking. Am I ever gonna understand its true potential?

Q33. Will the unending Financial Jargon ever end seeming alien to me?

Q34. Where am I going with this post of mine?

Q35. I am a satti graduate. Good or Bad?

Q36. What will my first quarter bonus be?

Q37. Gurgaon will be fun wont it?

Q38. How can I save yet spend on my tiny winy salary?

Q39. Will my parents ever understand me? 🙂

Q40. Can I not climb the Alps, swim the English Channel, run the world marathon, beat the bolts and the phelps?

Q41. When will I finish Midnight’s Children?

Q42. Can I say Thank You to Audrey?

Q43. Should I take Union Public Service Exams?

Q44. Will a sabbatical work for me down 1 year?

Q45. Is not the world under you when you are not under it?

Q46. When does the allure of the meta-physical become comprehensible?

Q47. Are my dreams of my own making?

Q48. What should my last words be?

Q49. Is this a psychologically manifested canine infested piece-of-crap post?

Q50. Are you still here?



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