what you see

Rationality belies exuberance, irrationality precludes failure. Individuality loses face in the wake of a continued pursuance of identity. Fidelity is an exaggerated quality. infidels live longer and are definitely happier. Bureacratic chicanery is one thing, organized crime is another. One thing leads to the other when a butterfly flaps its wings. It aint the butterfly effect, neither is it the Domino effect. it is what we term irrational exuberance. The likes of which bludgeons folks like you and me, the likes of which is a creation of, ofcourse, you and me.

Rhetoric pleases some, eludes the other. Indecipherable morse codes are manna for some, piece of shit for the other. Literary realism meets contemporary fiction. It is when you start reading between the lines that you transcend the reality and pore emotions into the metaphysical. Believe in what you see, the thing that lie underneath is well, underneath.



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