Blowin’ in the Wind.

Had been sometime since I last posted something here thanks largely to my first job here at Gurgaon. For those uninformed I have taken up the job of a Derivatives trader/analyst in the company thats (appropriately) called “Futures First”.We folks are called jobbers in our own parlance. You might not dare call us that.

It aint an easy job if thats whats in your mind. It aint gambling either if thats what you think it is. To put it bluntly its demanding and pretty interesting at that. To top it all, all you need to do is buy/sell, look at the multiple screens screaming numbers infront of you and take a stand! Believe me, it could not get simpler than this, but as thing goes not all is simple. This reminds me of a pretty hilarious dialogue in one of the reality shows you see streaming on every damn channel these days. It goes like this-” Sonali ke playground me kuch simple nahin hota. Sab kuch tedha hota hai and bla bla…”. So , as things stand buying at a lower price and selling it at a higher value aint that easy. Anyways, am not gonna get into the full blown description of my job here. Not for now. That can wait.

Will include a description of the city that Gurgaon is sometime later too. There is just too many things to write on that. So it needs structuring and organized writing, something I am not likely to do in my lifetime or so I suppose. Anyways…

The top trader here earned 100,000 Euros in a single day yesterday. That takes his cut to be a little over 40L in a single day. I mean seriously, WTF? His is a case of total control, freakish dedication and consistent performance. Not everyone can clock a take home bonus of >30 mill every damn quarter for the past 3 years!! I felt like puking when I heard the numbers!! 3 years on and I am gonna get there!! Sooner or later its gonna come aint it? πŸ˜›

Back to the reality now. Living comes easy here and have enjoyed the first few weeks. It gets quite tiresome during weekdays but when you like what you do, you dont look at how much you do. Time goes thick and fast when the Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) trades in the NYMEX Exchange. You like it when you see the possibility of yours truly making a loot with a few gentle strokes of the logitech mouse and without the use of any Ctrl. After all Ctrl is for losers eh? Getting used to the trading parlance now and am not gonna take pains at telling you all of it coz beleive me they are one too many.

Made some new friends, broke some new records, opened new bottles of spirit, pissed in a dark alley and came out untroubled(figuratively, stupid), acclimatized to the fricking hot weather, got stoned for the first time, understood the meaning of Monday Morning Blues (MMB), valued the significance of Thank God its Friday (TGIF), thanked God for Zero office politics, chartered new heights of emotions, cozied up with complete nonchalance, zeroed in on a definite career path, appreciated the discipline and the change in the lifestyle, saw half-blood prince, love aaj kal, ching chong, trainspotting, lock stock(again)..liked it all, cursed the pathetic gurgaon electrical department, scoured the lengths of Gurgaon, zeroed in on a prohibitively expensive apartment (dint eventually work out with the landlord though what with the demand for married folks, could have been Dostana like had there been a Prink Chops! sigh..), caught up with kgp folks, missed the “life-at-kgp” (an article on this to follow sometime later), made losses amounting to about 3000 dollars!! All in all a change that was destined to come, a change that came so sudden it hit me good, a change that was welcome and sad at the same time, a change that was good and refreshing.

Lets see how this works out. Am keeping my fingers crossed, are you?



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