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What does Usain Bolt and Mr. ST have in common that I don’t? Think hard. Brian Lara qualifies to be in the same league. So does Muhammad Ali and Micheal Jordan and Lance Armstrong. What people like these possess or what these people are possessed with I know not coz folks like them can only generate awe and respect. Sheer dedication to their trades maketh them a force to reckon.

I would have thought Jinnah’s ghost was slowly but steadily fading into oblivion. But I guess I was wrong and Qaid-E-Azam is as live and kicking and biting as he was back in the 40s and 50s. The fact that he was demonized disproportionately in India is a fact. Historical distortions are a part and parcel of the society we live in today. It is said,”The conquerors conjure history as they seem fit and historical relevance is lost in the process”. Quite succinctly put and again a fact it is. Not that I’m that well read on modern Indian history thanks to the brilliant course conceptualization by the NCERT/AICTE bureaucrats, I’m of the opinion that the indictment of historical leaders come too quick and easy. Subjectivity and relevance remain at loggerheads with each other much too often. It aint a black and white world out there and historical facts are too distorted and ‘simpled’ out for our own good.

Taleb in his book Fooled by Randomness terms historical facts and recountings a farce and a normalized version of the reality. He essentially states that history is replete with complex underpinnings impossible to put in records. Singling out Jinnah, Nehru, Patel or for that matter Baapu for partition and its aftermath is foolhardy and downright unjust. Let’s leave history history and catch hold of the future before it too recedes into the past. Jassu bhai’s 30 years of work went down the drains thanks largely to an opinion he held out and elucidated in his book. BJP today is in shatters and is catching the tail end of what is wrong within it as a national party. The Vajpayee era of moderate right wing ideology is no longer visible in its thinking. In its efforts to fashion itself to an ideologically driven party the “Party with a difference” has now become “Party with many differences”. An external affairs minister then the finance minister and then the defence minister Jassu juggled many hats for his party and was doled out a treatment that only my name-mate deserved for his “stupid” outburst. Anyways, so much for politics.

Its been close to 100 days of the freshly minted Manmohan era and dare-i-say-it i’m mightily impressed by the influx of some very good work that is being rolled out by the incumbent government. Not that I’m that big a supporter of the massive social scheme programs but they have been doing a world of good and seems like India finally has a sarkar at the centre that is both pro-development and inclusive in its ideology. NREGA, NHIDP, NPC etc seems like a hungry tiger ready for action and immediate deployment. Economics and fiscal prudence aside I am liking it.

The appointment of Nandan Nilekani, the Nuclear Deal. the ASEAN FTA, the RBI tackle on the meltdown, the Naxal approach and the disinvestment plans are some of the highlights of this 100 day old child. Piggy Flu was an aberrant and slighly overrated. The D6 gas dispute seems complex and smells of something deep-rooted and corruption ridden. Murli Deora has a tough task in hand while dealing with NTPC and RNRL at the same time. The MTN_Barti deal seems to be simmering and is taking ages to fortify. Sunil Bharti Mittal is God and you should know it. So is Jug Suraiya. My infatuation with him doesn’t seem to end.

Meanwhile Ashes should be with the Britons. They deserve it. Schumi lighted up old candles but it died down soon after. Massa did something to stir things up for sure, damn the bike that had Schumi’s neck on the needle. Woods must be turning sideways in his sleep with Yang screaming ” Haa Chiiin Chuuu” up his ears.

Thats all that was in my mind. This is my penseive and I intend to keep it this way.


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  1. You’ve etched out your analysis, almost poetically. Kudos for that.

    The way you talk about Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan and Sachin (and you missed Roger Federer, today’s defeat to Del Potro nevertheless!) reminds me of the hours I spent wondering what it was that drove these people ( and why it doesn’t manifest itelf in me). The answer, I have come to realize, is anticlimactic. I think we tend to take ourselves ( or our shortcomings) too seriously. If you let go of all the weight you have attached to an outcome that the herd chases and instead focus on what you wish to do (and not accomplish), things are not so hard after all!

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