Days of our lives

Sometimes it so happens in this big fat world of ours that the link between the real and the surreal is broken. Fact is stranger than fiction they say, and i accede. I happened to trespass on some old charming memories. What brought it out is something that I better not discuss but what it brought out is worth sharing. I felt a strange disconnect between my thoughts and my aspirations. I was hopeful of a bull market in my life, a trending long term resistance free gallop to the pole, it was more of a choppy ride siding with the bearish sentiment. My irrational exuberance found no takers and I had to leave my decisions at bay.

I realized looking back that bullish/bearish phase is just a passing phenomena. What stays on is you and your meandering thoughts alone. I found out the harder way that its not the destination but the journey that is more fulfilling. Destination is just a stoppage in between journeys, coz you always have the next destination in mind, up and ready. I babble aloud in abstract lineage yet find myself strangely converging to a set target. I hop skip and jump my way across the carcass of filth and envision a valley with muddish tinge, the smell of freshly watered grass, the mileu of a sunlit faceless sky, the aroma of a daffodil garden.


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