From my office workspace I have a bird’s eye view of the busy road and the not-so-busy office lobby. People come and go, always in a hurry to reach somewhere. None looks up, none stays, and no same face do I get to see everyday. It’s strange sometimes to find myself running around in much the same way as those I see from my nest atop.

The specification of my job demands minimum or no interaction with my colleagues. They say its as if you are an entrepreneur working on your own, day in day out. Not that there is zero conversation on the office floor, quite opposite to that but as far as the job is concerned you are on your own. They say working in a team, having a team-leader and the hierarchy-denominations hinder growth and prohibit a positive working environment what with the office politics and bitching invariably coming round to haunt you either in your back or someone in the back. I find myself strangely attracted to the possibilty of working coherently in a group, mixing my thoughts with those of others, absorbing ideas, throwing my weight around, waiting to see if it actually has some. I sometimes wonder if going solo is indeed the right way.

The life and times of a jobber aint an easy one, this you should know. Dealing with losses that come dime a dozen, humbled by bad views, demeaned by a pathetic ego and crippled by a prolonged patience makes you see that darker side of human emotions. As is the case with every damn profession it all boils down to the EQ. While IQ is glorified EQ is mushified. The lesser of the two brothers is often made to be the scapegoat of everything that is wrong with anything. Emotional Quotient is quite under-rated. Oscar Wilde says thus, “Life is too important to be taken seriously”. How succinctly put ain’t it? Thrown the EQ in the dustbin, fling IQ out the window and live as you have never lived. How men wish to be free of all things that they are not free of and sadly can never be of?


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  1. The words of great, enlightened people have hidden meanings..You can’t take them literally. that would be a blunder.. By saying that life shouldn’t be taken seriously, I believe the great man means that you should go with the flow while remaining enough detached with things that they can’t affect you.. you should live in the moment yet not for the moment.. We can have a humongous discussion on this.. such sublime is the topic. Anyways, introspective writing Mr. wordsmith. Recommend you to read ‘The Bhagvad Gita’.. Says exactly how a Karamyogi i.e. a working man should conduct himself..

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