The joy of Giving

Giving is Good
Giving is Good

This is a tribute to the wonderful idea that is The Joy of Giving Week. Small contributions when added up make a big difference and can dent even the most gargantuan of problems. Some of us believe that making small contributions that make no visible difference to the conditions at hand are of no use and should be done away with which is not the right way of looking at it.

Am quoting Livemint Blog: Sharing is Beautiful here: Public policy impact could take decades to achieve. So one has to keep plugging away without impact. Of course, in some cases, it might be good not to have an impact, especially if one’s thinking is flawed to begin with.

I came across this wonderful blog post by one of my friends about beggars and what thy policy is and why? To be honest I was and still am amongst those who detest sparing a penny for those hapless chaps that I frequently encounter on the streets. I detest them feeling that when they have their assets intact they could do better than begging, the world has so many things for them to do and earn a living with. Yet, strangely I connected with the blog. The recent Cadbury ads about the joy of giving a gift unexpectedly to a very unlikely beneficiary is heart warming and sweet. I tried it with a rickshaw-walla a couple of days back and extra 30 bucks brought a smile on his face which totally made my day. Sparing a penny or a mere 30 bucks wont starve me of anything but it would be specially significant for some who form the bottom layer of the demographical pyramid.

Talking of Ads I found the recent HT ads “It is time” to be thoughtful, funny and provoking. The campaign strikes the right note with its audience and connects instantly. The first ad on Journalism is spot on and carries forward teh debate on Meaningful Journalism and not merely a populistic overture lidden reporting. The second one on Swine Flu is hilarious and betells a lot about us Indians and how we perceive things. The one about praising China for making the Sea-link double our size and in a record 3-4 months is special to me because sad as it may seem I found myself thinking much along the same lines when the sea-link was inaugrated with much fanfare.

Then theres the one on Child Labor which had our Pizza delivery Guy laughing out loud! The Railway Crossing, the stooping neta etc makes for an interesting view and is a telling commentary on the state of affairs here. Heres the link of the entire campaign for those who are not hooked onto the idiot box(no wonder).

Ads in our times are evolving and I am loving it!!



  1. hey varun…
    thnx a lot for dat mention…
    its scintillating to realise we can bring happiness into sumbdy’s life wid such minute acts f generosity.
    talking f ads, yes we hav a bunch f innovative people who cum up wid ideas dat make a difference.
    Giving is gud 🙂

  2. hey…that post f urs was indeed refreshing….
    its these small acts of kindness that will someday prove to be the panacea of all things that is bad in this world..or so i think..:)

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