Inglourious Basterd-The Review

97447-basterds_poster_waltz_300x400Critics have lambasted the movie for its sheer disregard to the issue that is morality but hey if its Tarantino its pardonable right? An audacious show of bravura coupled with some mesmerizing performance by Christopher Waltz relegates Pitt to the background and hogs much of the limelight if not the screen time. Quite reminiscient of the Joker walking away with the acclaim while Christian Bale fumed over? Quite like it. The beginning sets the tone for the rest of the drama to follow which at times becomes pathetically silly yet strangely believable. The characters are woven with characterstic Tarantino fashion with the result alternative history becomes fiction and an out and out grosser.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead-Tread Carefully.
While Col. Hans Landa, played by hitherto unknown actor Christopher Waltz, demeans the Jews, while he sits with Shossana, while he kills the actress and while he makes the deal with the Aamerikens he shines. Gripped to our seats, shifting uncomfortably with every polite gesture, waiting for a deeply disturbing reaction, one is forever in a state of great expectations, and therein, lies the charm of the movie. Pitt starring in his maiden Tarantino flick reminds me of Mickey. Accent modulation is commendable and effective. While stellar performances abound in this movie, the linear plot uncharacterstic of a Tarantino product is justified through its playful dealings with history, alternative history and pure fiction.

Without giving too much away the movie is about Col. Hans Landa and him alone. It basically revolves around a bunch of Jewish-Americans recruited by Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) fighting for the allied cause and formed to cause maximum damage to the Nazis. How they do that is pure Tarantino. The methods, the introduction of the characters and the killings are all woven into this fantastic western spaghetti pot-boiler that is bound to keep Tarantino fans loyal for many more years to come and push others to join the cult. When he makes a movie this great he is entitled to his indulgences and his occasional artistry is forgiven. Scenes like the showdown in the Tavern is one where you are bound to be confused as to laugh it out or eulogize the perfectionist that is this man Tarantino. Liberal sprayings of gore, delightful soliloquoys, enticing self-referential dialogue delivery and impeccable mannerisms mixed with violence makes it dandy for all the fans out there.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Hostel director Eli Roth plays the character of “The Bear Jew” with panache and a baseball bat!!

Highly recommended for people with taste for good cinema and disgust for everything SRK stands for. 🙂

Rating: 3.5/5



  1. Dude i think you forgot to mention the background score of the movie which was so typical Tarantino. Plus i dunno about you but I liked Shosanna Dreyfus’s character a lot. Anyways, a must watch for sure 🙂

  2. ohh yeah…the background score was edgy and tempting…The Cat people (Putting out fire) by David Bowe that erupts during the so-called ‘Ballad os Shosshana” is mischeivously an adrenaline pushing number for sure..

    The link describes how Tarantino takes the music of his film seriously….!!

    About the character of Shossana…it is one of the title characters and Melanie Laurent has done full justice to the role! Diane Kruger as Bridgette will be remembered from the brilliant scene down at the tavern!!

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