Avatar- Movie Review

There are movies and then there are epics. There’s Kubrick and then there’s Cameroon. Stand apart, choke it with technology, splurge like there is no tomorrow add sparkles of ingenuity, flavor it with larger than the larger life characters and somehow manage to insert a story. The result that this odd eclectic mix brings out makes one want to puke exclamations, it makes one want to transcend to another world, makes one see Na’vi what they intend to portray, makes one long for that adventurous journey to the lands of Pandora. Open up the Pandora’s box and transform this splendour to something more than a one-off movie, brilliant for its time(yes!) into something akin to Star Wars, something provoking like Jurassic Park, something curious like Signs and something classy like LOTR. I demand!

While analogies exist and are created, while doubts emerge and are forestalled, while the story drags and you let it drag you you end up loving Avatar for the sheer scale of the project. It ain’t a movie I should say. Its more a project of what the world of 3D has in store for movie goers and watchers and freakers and speakers. Technical finesse aside there is no story line, no character assasination or erection, no one moment of reminiscence and therein lies the beauty of this neo-classical, technical extravaganza.

The year is 2053. Earth is supposedly dead by the ‘karma’ of the energy hungry humans, so much so that Pandora becomes the hotbed for the politics of energy. Sounds familiar? America/Iraq/Afghanistan? Some say that was the logic but what the hell? If that was indeed it I couldn’t care less could I? Avatar takes you to the flying mountains where springs still go down vanishing in the misty air like vapor. It takes you to unimaginable creatures, the likes of which would make Star Wars crumble back, Jurassic park stare enviably. It does at some times become a bit too corny, I should say. Dive in to the world of the director who gave us Titanic. He gave us the movie that made theatre goers in India coo about the lovely Rose, shed tears for the behemothical tragedy, laugh at the antics of cutie Caprio and hope for the couple. Well, the story is just the same. The blue skinned Na’vi with the outsider Jake. You know the story that follows from hereon!

A must watch for people who love what Cameroon stands for. A must watch for special effect(ive) people. A must watch for one and all!


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