The enchanting world of art and me.

To become a connoisseur—of the arts, ideas, food, wine, languages, movies, sports, economics or history—is ultimately a selfish exercise. You begin because you cannot help yourself; because of an abiding interest, one that will not let you go. Digging deeper becomes self-perpetuating after a while: The more you know, the more you want to know. At some point, you reach a crest and flip over. Once you pass that stage, beautiful things happen. You will hear a snatch of a Bollywood song and be reminded of a symphony. You will make uncommon connections that are ultimately the gift and pleasure of learning something new. A butterfly’s flight will look like an adagio, which refers to slow tempo in music.

Flipping through Livemint I trudged along this wonderful article by Shoba Narayan. It summed up the exact sentiments echoing in my mind for quite some time. I have always been fascinated by people enthralled by a particular song,movie,book,wine,food,history etc. It makes me wonder what is it with a particular form of either of these that makes the followers unhooked and glued. Simple as I am I find it intriguing and magical to find something that makes the connoisseur tremble and go ecstatic. I wonder if there indeed is something that would make me forget all that is to this world and for those moments leave me feel enriched and satiated. I see friends go crazy over songs that range from Rock, trance, blues, symphonies to the more desi bhangra pop and bollywood masala. I observe people immerse themselves in arts in its varied forms, from Tarot, history, politics, social science to finance, strategy and movies. I travel across people with tastes in Tarantino to those who find SRK irresistible and I wonder if I would ever find my calling. Strange as it may seem, I delve in deeper and deeper still. Almost always I end up empty and hungry for more.

I like to call myself a music lover, a movie buff and a bookworm. I push myself to dissolve completely to everything that the numerous geniuses has served to this constantly evolving world. In this quest of mine I revisit old memories, something that a long lost song takes me to, more often than not. Having a taste, for me is connecting the pieces to my journey as of now. Being a connoisseur, to me is finding solace and comfort in things that trickle my funny bone, inflate my cerebral cortex, pull my heart-strings.

“The art in its many forms offer intangible, immeasurable pleasure if only you can figure out how to learn and experience them.”- much of my energy is spent on learning to appreciate them, understand them and enjoy them. For some, the-story-behind-the-curtains holds no fascination. For me the intrinsic joy of a song and the inherent fascination with a book comes only when I am through with the available literature on the same. In this seemingly infinite world of art, I trudge cautiously so as not to lose track of the motive. There’s a thin line that separates a reader from an observer, an encyclopedia from a connoisseur and a die-hard romantic from a pragmatist.

What are you? A dreamer or a realist? Romantic or worldly? A funnel or a sponge?



  1. “dreamer today and a realist tomorrow”. The moment we enter into one state, invisible forces come into action to leave you wondering if you should switch to the other one — often the exact opposite one. Since 21st century is all about pragmatism, I think we should judge them on our relative performance 😀

  2. @jaimini: u hafta be in one boat to sail..a foot in one and the other in the seconf wont work rt?
    @akash: heh…i guess its the GRE factor that has come into play when it comes to your sensibilities..:P

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