Listening to news in today’s times ain’t an easy task. Almost every news story brings with it an inherent chest-beating about the world class Indian growth and the impending super-power status. You can sense it in the tone in which one describes the achievements however significant bloated to unexplicable heights. I am no cynic neither do I have a pessimistic view. This post isn’t about that as well. What such media coverage made me think is how far appreciation can go in actually making good things happen. There is a certain level of responsibility that comes with appreciation. The fact that your work has been appreciated makes one work and toil all the more harder to cross miles and tackle obstacles.

It applies to Narendra Modi, the fact that his work up to this date has been widely acclaimed when it comes to economics and development would definitely propel him not to take any negative stance come what may. Nitish Kumar is another case that comes to my mind. What connection I see here is the positive aspect of appreciation. Bring it on aplenty, shower it randomly and you are bound to hit jackpot. Acclaim the statues that Mayawati has erected, make it one of her biggest achievements till date and you never know how that could in some twisted unexplained way make her see the light of the day and help her take decisions that could thwart the efforts of the miscreants that come by a dime a dozen in that big mammoth state of Uttar.

Coming to the media industry in India, praise the likes of India TV for being a hilarious, laughter channel and you could next see Raju Srivastava deliver crisp Breaking News to the hungry junta. Appreciation, I say is a good thing, maybe the best of things. Without it there is no chance one can see the positive side of things, without it one can only imagine the havoc in this wide world of ours. Appreciation makes for good reading too. It makes for good viewing and for good news. Who for that matter would not like some appreciation come his way? What do we have to lose with some good half hearted appreciation for Pete’s sake?

Bring out a daily that serves only the good news at your doorstep. It makes business sense too. It could serve a gentle reminder for all those cynics who love to thrash things, who love to live in constant criticism, who love to catch the rye if you get my drift.



  1. just wanna say I totally catch your drift in that last phrase. I was so into this novel last month and man does it speak your language ! (in the spirit of the novel itself :P). good to know u’ve read it already …. was planning on sending you my copy .. damn fine read man DAMN good ! .. definitely learned something thr !
    btw like the idea of this post but still running my mind on how wud that work on a celebrated narcissist like Mayawati .. may be she wud sense sm mockery in this sorta appreciation for her historical constructi-on-ve dev-i-elopment work and return back to her senses 😀

  2. @dada: u never know what can push people to perform. appreciation even if undeserved can do wonders! about the book…it is as u say a quintessential classis in every sense of the word..more suited when you are mulling things in college i daresay..:P

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