A dream within a dream

He looked askance at the dimly lit skies. It revealed to him no promise. 5 days and 4 nights after, the rock felt not, heavy, any longer. The burden not unbearable. With only the sharpened blades of the amazonian grasses for company he was at peace yet not entirely so. There was this one last thing he had to do before he slid away effortlessly from under the rock and into infinity. He tried, but budge he did not. A smile crossed over his muddy cheeks and he knew. He knew it was meant to be an unfinished mission and left it at that, closed his eyes and dreamt.

He had slowed down the time. You travel 4x faster in tranced state. But that only prolonged what he hoped for. No change of plans as far as the hooded monster was concerned. He opened his eyes for getting back to consciousness and conscious he was of his feather-light body and of his mobility. He rose from under the rock effortlessly and started walking towards the setting sun. Silhouetted against the bright red speck in the yellowed sky he felt one with his creator. He smiled knowing he had been successful at last.

Something stirred. He felt his chest getting heavy again. And then he opened his eyes. Again.


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