inner net(a)

It’s out there and yet not entirely so. You sit down on your laptop for some moments of trepidation and there it is, staring right into your eyes. You try with your fullest might to deny it but then it bounces back up with an even strident force and looks back with the same menacing, pointedly piercing eyes.

As you go deeper into it, it grows into an infinite loop within which you find yourself confined and unable to move an inch apart. Then, as it is about to go for the final kill you stumble and you are saved. After a day, maybe if its a weekend, after few hours, you sit back down, thinking of nothing better to do and there it starts again till you are absolved of the sins and there is nothing left to do but accept a convict’s propensity to dissolve and dissolve you do into the whirlpool of pistachio-ed insolvency.

The errant however is not the medium itself, neither is it the accused. Blindfolded like a frog and guided by the spiders who concoct a magical realm of imagination, the benediction lies humbly peasant. One where things never cease to evolve and one where it’s futile to perform a Utopian turn. The grasp is gradual yet the hit is instant, like fuming cannabis.

Sometimes, the waves are so strong you find yourself washed to the shore with disdain. On the shore, as the white sands whisper the futility in your ears you run, but only parallel to the advancing currents. As the sun sets in, and the brilliance of the moon shines over the rustic mountains overlooking the marina bay you stop to catch a breath. A breather, a sigh and then it begins..all over again.

Wondering how it comes to an end, you muster the courage to scourge the oceans. You are disheartened by its might, you are lost in its crushing motions, you are tiny in its epic battles, yet, as it dawns on you the futility of the chase you give up by giving in, by succumbing to the vitrified layers of reputation.

Little by little, it eats you up, like a corroded pillar ravaged by moths and claimed by white ants. But the pillar stands, you dont. You have to run, inch by inch, foot over foot and hand in hand.



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