a perennial vacation, or vocation?

If there is such a thing would it kill to be on it for yes ever? The idea stems from the notion of necessity and happiness. You choose either, you equally necessitate the help of the other. While working, say I meet someone who has mixed his worlds so well that for him it is not a case of choice, it is just an extension and a natural one at that. Tom White washes away the fence.

Is it really that troublesome to go the whole hog and make en effort to be not unlike the little Sawyer who brought his qualms and his fountain of happiness together? For him, it was easy. It’s a short story, a figment of imagination. What else can you expect? Nevertheless. his fiendish cleverness helps him manipulate the world around him to suit his needs. Isn’t selfishness a bit over-rated and a tad over-demonized? I would refrain going down the Rand way though much as I like to dislike a Randish observation I am completely in agreement with some of her love letters. I would not go down that way for despite my affinity for digression I should better stick with a stick than a tree.

I am yet to see Sawyer rising from the pages of my 5th standard English Literature book and standing tall in-front of me. Though, small as he is I might have had a head held too high to notice someone standing right in-front of me. These things do happen sometimes and there is  no one you can blame for your negligence. So many people, so many stories..how many can you listen to? It might not be a case of small sample as well and there might be a null set yet to be proved and too difficult/subjective to prove.

The irony of a cliche is, it leads to another, then another and so on and so forth  till you come back to the original and start believing  in self-enlightenment.  I should better warp those in words and package it completely new so it rings in an epiphany. So photosynthetic. Romantically magical.

From the looks of it the man (or men?) peering through the pages seem incorruptible to me. For, from where I see it he has mastered sawyerism and is tendulkaristic in his feats. He has gangulified the dravidian task, a herculean effort I must say. But then, as I sit back on my bag (with missing beans) I am reminded of a phrase that would send one and all to the grave-pity I have no beans to spill on that front. So I constrain myself, again, and in more ways than one, as I am wont to do more often than not. For God’s sake, open this world a little more.

But then, when you were a kid was not a closed out world way better?


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