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The more you try and find out the logic behind the myriad chain of events, the more you rationalise the process and the farther you get from the truth. What is truth anyways? Is it the knowledge that the happenings can be attributed to a particular chain of events and that for every action there is a motive and an end?

When you scour through the news and find something that you think appeals to your aesthetic taste and leaves you with a feeling that you know the ground rules, you know the motives, you are familiar with the cast, you are allergic to the director and you are supremely confident of your own powers you try and ascribe an intellectual fervour to it- which these days are not hard to come by, from people varied and sundry.

Anyhow, just testing the WordPress app for iPad. Much better than the pathetic Tumblr which, surprisingly, hasn’t taken the leap beyond the iPhone. Will be back soon!


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