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In a rapidly fossilizing government an 80 year old technocrat known more for reforms and less for politics is struggling to promote his visions. In a party that is known more for its cronyism and allegiance to a pseudo-monarchist family than its transparent process of promoting merit, this comes as little surprise. While the crown-prince acknowledges this very fact, the grand lady wields the powers-in-the-shadows deftly and sometimes, brazenly. Accountability is therefore thrown for a toss. We are left in the lurch as to whether to tarnish the image of an old, nimble and shy PM or attribute it all to SG who is above accountability. This is not to say that the government has not been trying. Rather that the docility with which it approaches each issues and policy decisions it looks more and more akin a dog with bones that it brings back to its master, wagging its tails and showing intent. Sometimes, it does make one wonder if a two-party system would have been better in India despite its myriad and gigantic populace. This also, despite one’s sharp aversion to dynastic politics and power-by-birth doctrine, makes one wishful of the virtues of one prodigal son, hoping against odds that he learns and delivers– it then matters not how and what gave him the power. At the very least, a central authority with visibly wielded powers is better than an opaque power sharing agreement, one where each decision is fraught with melodramatic emotions, stupid blackmails, irrelevant logic and a paralyzed parliament. As long as he learns, understands and corrects himself and his alma mater I vouch for the king-to-be, not because I think he deserves to be more because pragmatism and resigning to the best alternative go hand in hand. Too much of wishful thinking? That’s all that can be done isn’t it?



  1. Indian government is already facing problems of high inflation and slowing growth. But instead of focusing its effort on these issues, it is forced to deal with opposition on multiple fronts. The focus is more on fire fighting and less on working towards sustainable growth and development. And this does not auger well for country. Who will have faith to invest in a country which has such unstable political environment? And if this trend continues, I swear that all bets on India would be off!

    1. Paralyzed the government at present is exemplified by everything the lame duck PM has tried to push through. Not as if the opposition is helping matters. But one needs to steer clear of cynicism and outright condemnation as well. Now that the parliament is functioning I am keeping my fingers crossed 10 out of the 36 or so bills might as well be introduced now. One hopes again.

  2. Hi Varun,

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    It is our nation’s optimism. No matter how much you bring her down, India feels up!

    A first of its kind initiative, the #IFeelUp Tweetathon is a 3-day virtual conference, which delights in the irrepressible state of the nation, in spite of its laundry list of issues. Over 72 hours, we’ll be bringing in 400 panelists for non-stop discussion, and that’s when you come in with your views.

    We would like to invite you to share your thoughts during the conference wherein you can participate from any part of the world.

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    I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Are you sure it’s not just your subconscious disinclination towards pervasive gerontocracy turning into psephological affinity for Vinci baba because I don’t think it’s a one man show and if I had to wish, in case he does make the throne, I would wish for lesser political astuteness among PMO advisers flanking him on his tenure. MS-ji do come off a bit politically insecure. His inopportune silence speaks for it but RG is no prodigy himself. Since traditionally a PM inspires confidence on account of his extensive work in field, there’re two ways I see RG’d get that cabinet running. Either they’d mostly be ever-loyal bootlicking congressmen –which is never good — or he actually turns out to be a Krishna reincarnation in which case it’ll finally be that one man show 🙂

    1. It’s the latter I am gunning for while accepting the compromise. Better than the limbo we find ourselves in though. I concede to your point that the boot-lockers can maintain their status-quo and the sycophancy will prevail but you cannot deny an optimist his fodder. 🙂

  4. Just can’ help wondering how long it will be before a ‘conscientious’ (with all the pun wholly intended) citizen decides to slap the charges of sedition on you for calling the congressmen and their government exactly what they are- fawning monarchists displaying the most vulgar form of obsequiousness, as if their whole existence depends solely on it.

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