The Virgins

It is easy (and convenient) to get sidetracked amidst the hullaboo and the dins of everyday life. Immersing yourself however, in the myriad activities (activities, not consumptions), lets you forget those unnerving thoughts. The bayonets of those tumultuous notions are kept at bay while you gorge on the bread-of-the-day. When you consume folds of paper and droves of pixels, you are wont to feel dismembered, for the variety of shops (online/offline) that sell the various wares lets loose mercuric panthers with predatory instincts. Falling prey to it is akin to placing yourself in front of a swathing canon of cataclysmic perturbatory waves. Such monstrous self-replicating waves initiate (or at least try to) tectonic shifts that, failing to materialize, as is in the majority of cases, unwounds itself, like a writhing snake shedding its skin. It is required therefore, to, sometimes, not indulge in wishful thinking and, instead, carry the torch of your banal existence with pent-up vigour and unidirectional thrust. Miss not, the emphasis on the word ‘sometimes‘ for it’s not just the destination alone that matters. The journey does too. In fact, as some will vouch, the latter takes precedence depending on from where you see it. A balance, as in all other cases, is essential. Those continuous back-and-forths between idealism and prudence, common to all of the mankind is a recurrent theme in those mass-marketed pulp books that invoke science to help human beings. It is often noted though, that, the “inimitable prestige of experience” always trumps the angst and the hardships one need go through towards attaining it. While reading Irene Nemirovsky’s “The Virgins”, through the prism of the assembled coterie of women, one is struck by the paradoxical memories of Camille and the one-dimensional story of Alberte. I wonder sometimes though, if these indeed are so different. While the windows through which I normally see, distant as it is from the subject, farcical and narcissistic as it is-the medium, I am inclined towards believing in the synergy between the two, knowing fully well that it takes effort to tie together the free-floating ends. 



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