Assorted Links

  • Here, Daniel Green suggests “Digital Humanities” is as much a new “thing” in academic criticism as has been several preceding theories in literature. He posits that this along with all other advanced “agendas” takes the reader away from the enjoyment of the book and into a more theoretical expostulation of the complex theories and takeaways. This is in response to the comment by Stephen Marche in a recent Los Angeles Review of Books essay.
  • Ian McEwan believes the novella is the “perfect form of prose” that lie at the intersection of a short story and a novel. From Thoman Mann, Henry James and Kafka to Joyce, Pynchon and Munro- McEwan says the novella is the “beautiful daughter of a rambling, bloated ill-shaven giant (but a giant who’s a genius on his best days)” and that it is through this “child” that we know many of the greatest writers of this century.
  • Today is the day when the first commercially made ball-point pen was made available to the public! A day of reckoning for the Camel Ink stable aficionados perhaps! Look here to watch how it’s made!
  • Shot in Pondicherry and Munnar, Ang Lee’s adaptation of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi took more than a decade to scrape through the production stage. The director of Brokeback Mountain and The Hulk believes “destiny” had a role to play when he took on the project.
  • The dangers of class divide in the media houses today and the rapid commercialization of the mass media education in the country increasingly looks to “shackle journalistic engagements”, as Anand Vardhan elaborates in the brilliant Newslaundry here.

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