24*7 misery, 365 days a year

I find it hard to fathom the dogmatic charlatanry that the 24*7 news channels continue to spew even on primetime broadcasting. Passing it on as a researched program the show (and you know the one I am talking about) passes on linear and supremely antithetical-to-nuance views onto the viewers and the audience – not missing its part, reciprocates in equal if not on a one-up measure. To capture the zeitgeist, the presenters have always been known to mix masala to fact resulting eventually in what can only be called a ‘fact masala’. They do have a responsibility on their shoulders when they go out and about puking in front of the camera. In their single minded pursuit to capture TRP, they present what the viewer wants to hear and get away with it with nary a reprimand. Whatever happened to granularity and depth in the coverage? It’s important to distinguish between media-jingoism, abashed-pettiness, supreme-ludicrousness, detailed-trivilaities, momentous-gaffes, paradoxical-opinions, and bare-all-facts. We indulge in mythic anxiety when we talk of having colored our vision via those mass-circulated international newspapers/magazines. These perceptions, they are as much a product of home-grown intifadas as they are of borrowed glasses of vision. Somehow, as I peruse the remote to browse through the various news channels, I am pained to realize that getting knowledge of something beyond news – via opinions and nuanced analysis, is beyond the limits of the Indian media today. I maybe be wrong, but news channels have faltered in what was their traditional back-waters – the breaking news segment. We might as well hop onto the Twitter wall to grab the latest and the greatest in the national/international space rather than try to glean something from these multi-tickered channel numbers. Like MTV, they have veered off-course their primary USP and are indulging in shoddy journalism at best. You might as well switch to DD1 for your daily dose of news. Or maybe, the news you seek need be entertaining and amusing. In that case, you would do well to stick to the mainstream and rejoice. 


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