Growing Anticipation

Summer is upon us! One year already into the fraught MBA education and there’s further, much bigger anticipation around the bend. After all, professional growth is what makes these schools worth their penny. And what better platform than the summer internship to test the waters and let the waters test you.

Transitions, such as the one I find myself rolling up to, make for a cataclysmic combination of trepidation and focused foreboding. The world of words that I find myself comfortable in may not come in as handy as I suppose they should. I wonder, as a summer associate, if the reality would rise up to the distant plans. Or if the plans would crumble in front of the ground reality onslaught.

One year into the curriculum and already the chickens are expected to come to roost. The academic courses took a shine of their own with alien silhouettes of branding and marketing letting out their dark underbelly while the starry-eyed graduate took to corporate finance with cautious steps. So much for the theoretical learning. While the nightmares from January (recruitment) are a distant past, the time warp that the proceeding months turned out to be was concerning. I suppose much of it went by in the haze that the nascent year crackled out.

It’s all a funny business, this world of business education. A world of contradictions and paradoxes that flummox as much as they entertain. In this world here, expanding your horizons concurrently implies zeroing in on one particular dot in that horizon. You are encouraged to proceed with disdainful freedom, and yet when you take that cherished step, you find your one foot chained to the sand-ridden floor. Directions are abhorred and yet the green-board signages abound. The never-ending act of aggrandizement is seated on the same table with mindfulness and the excessively obtrusive baggage of empathy.

You could get the mistaken notion that the innate ironies irritate me when in fact it placates my ideals. The vagueness of apprehensions increase the apprehension itself, as Master Dostoevsky speaks through one of the Brothers Karamazov. By that same vein, the vagueness of intentions increase the scope of intentions. This could potentially backfire if you were to sit back and do nothing. But when your ability to make plans are as crystal clear as mine, these sundry hurdles do not matter as much as they should.

There are defined paths to success and then there are those who define their own paths towards the same goal. Hopping into an expensive track such as the MBA education implies that either you have a strong grasp of what you want to do post-school or that you have no inkling of what motivates you and you are entering this world with a mind as open as the skies are above you. Speaking strictly from personal experience, the benefits you can derive here is exponentially higher if you arrive with an ostentatious, yet thought-out plan; and you set about, from day one, towards making that come true. The amount of learning you can imbibe through concurrently working on a real-life project of your own is unimaginable. No amount of “Experiential Learning” that the structure pouts out for you would match up to something that you intend on delivering from the ground-up.

Noting, rather in the same breath, that there’s always time to mend your ways. All it takes is an active mind that resides in a concertedly determined body mass. The acceleration from thereon is yours to incubate.


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