The beginning of the end

In a word, the idea is rattling. Free will, in and of itself, is a disputed right. Whether we enjoy it or not is another matter altogether. What becomes of us when we become dilettante casuists and start tempering with the holy writ? Much like literature, the damage inflicted by an incorrect rendition of the texts are already there for the world to see. Then, in an age of constant flux of texts and multiple platforms of expertise, one would be piled on with rubbish so big that the truth will lie dormant for years. No amount of Hadoop would then be able to scour the heap to come up with the original literature. Who will ask the right questions anyways? What will become of the world then when a thousand monkeys would start posting their thoughts on this world we call our second home? This realm, the digital one, is already layered in structures, and some go so deep that I am scared to even think about it. There’s no denying the fact that every age has to deal with a problem of its own making and maybe that problem, a 30 years from now, would be to save ourselves from the trolls of the deepest corners of the world wide web. Its scary even without the artificial intelligence or the deep learning paradigm. When someone like Elon Musk throws caution to the wind, I guess should start reading sci-fi for some temporary closure?


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