Screens on the Subway

Stare, stare into you screens as much as you can
for you may find hidden in there, in some corner,
the thing that you are looking for
once that you get to know what it is
exactly that you are looking for
the chugging that accompanies those
silent soul searching inside those tiny gizmos
riding on the subway and taking you along
with it; you are being carried as a
passenger in the evolution that the device
in your hands is undergoing now
and pretty soon it will dump you inside
those very corners from whence you searched
for the truth or what-not.
Pretty soon, the eyes would be glazed
as from over-gouging on television.
And pretty soon you will come to the
realization, that that corner is no better
than this one here, from where I ponder
in comfortable silence and utter loneliness


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