When does it stop..

When does it stop being hurtful
to see the lies around you disentangle
themselves from the maze of mediocrity
and rise up to the throne of profundity.
The lies that we tell ourselves each day
only to be told that they are in fact
truisms in THIS world and when
one does indulge in entertaining
these for the sake of life and laughter
one finds himself perched amongst the
most delicate of branches, ready
to fall, if not degenerate, into the
abyss that is self loathing
for when one does entertain the idea
of relinquishing the voices inside
the first step has already been taken
and what remains is that gentle nudge
or that trigger, which precipitates
the fall that is preordained.
The lies, they are but what we tell
ourselves, in the hope that they will
evolve into opinions and thereon
as the truth. When the power of questioning –
yes the very same that provoked loathing –
recedes (which could in fact be contributory),
the circle grows within itself
and completes the inferno.
Yes, Dante would be proud.


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