What are they thinking?

#PrayForParis #PrayForBeirut #PrayForBaghdad

What makes people do the crazy things that they do? What level of angst and depravity is seeped into their thinking that makes someone celebrate the news of people dying? Is this what we have come to? Are we living in such a volatile world where the basest of instincts of man are being brought up to the forefront? Statistics show otherwise – apparently, we live in one of the most calmest periods of human history. And yet, the fact that it’s not war but a vendetta that’s leading to the loss of so many innocent lives around us is perplexing and outright disgusting. I feel ashamed to be living in the same world. 

I do realize that I have no idea from whence these sinners originated from and what conditions forced their hand at doing the things that they did. It escapes me completely, this idea,  that the context of people’s life could lead them astray so much that they forget the modicum of decency that we seem to have retained. I am all for a more rounded understanding of people and I know it’s not just a matter of free-will with which people become who they become. Circumstances, conditions, upbringing, vindication, and a defined sense of outright wrongs that have been done to them may drive them to mayhem, but to inflict this anger, this desperation on people who are nothing but innocent bystanders is preposterous. And this goes on both sides of this increasingly venomous war that we are fighting. 

I was asked a question by the missus today -“when would this ever stop?”. Would it ever? I have always believed that fringe elements in the society will always remain. That there will always be a segment of human population whose sole purpose on earth is to help us realize that the rights and the opportunities that we take for granted aren’t available to everyone around us. These men are here to help us comprehend the ephemeral nature of life itself. When men ar capable of taking lives, hey are aiding the devil whose role it was to ease our journey out of this world. 

I read the Looming Towers, a couple of years back and was astounded by the sudden realization that at its very core, most of the culprits have the very basic of requirements. They set out to do things that could help them achieve recognition, power, fame and money – not unlike most of us. The way they went about doing it though, by opportunistically turning men against men, civilization against one another and by playing the most vilest of cards (religion), it was certain that things would go beyond their control. After all, we started believing in the supernatural to avoid being scared by the prospect of not knowing what’s out there. So it’s only natural that when we involve stakeholders who we know so little about, and who ,hit as well be figments of our imaginations, we leave reality so far behind that we see men around us on,y as pawns and tools to further the idea. It’s like being a crazy scientist who believes I’m only his version of physics and wants everyone who doesn’t to be out of his way. Religion is antithetical to science – we all know that. But it needs to follow the same rules of the game as science does – that of open questioning. When we start doing that, perhaps we will realize how far we have come along from our chosen path, and how in the process we have left behind any shard of values or of decency. 

Such are the times that we live in. Standing up in the face of it and standing tall to let not these terror-mangers get what they want is the least that we can do in memory of those that we have lost. My heart goes out to the people who have lost their loved ones in this shadowy game of oneupmanship. In these troubled time, they need as much support as they can find. Losing ones loved ones isn’t transitory and the effect of a death on generation is bigger than a few years of grief and sadness. 

I don’t want to get into the discussion on the politics of these attacks. Something tells me that religion, politics etc are tools that are employed to justify emotions that are more complex and vile than we can imagine them to be. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Murder begets murder. What you sow sow so shall you reap. Cliches abound in the world we live in. One such cliche is revenge is a dish best served cold. Maybe some have taken this to heart and coldness permeates their entire being. 


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