When you close your eyes

.. in the night. What’s important?

When you open them, do they wonder

ever, what’s the meaning?

the knife of analytical thought

the weight of emotional rupture

what explodes inside you?

in wonderment, we may continue

to exist as we did the night before

as a wide-eyed tourist soaking

in that patina of significance

that we seek in excellence and

in memories.Comforted in our

thoughts and heart, but never so

inside the engine that ruins everything;

This dichotomy, that’s as permanent

as our consciousness, remains standing

discretely in the corner, every.single.time;

desires, as distinct as they are from us

propel the actions, that make us

the subject in our own story.

Maybe, when you close your eyes,

in the longer night, that’s when

you really open them. To close the dichotomy

by opening another.



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