Scrants (Scribbeled Rants)

The more advanced we become, the more reachable every imaginable state of being seems to be. This artificial sense of freedom to be whomsoever you want to be, in fact act as a stress inducing stimulus, that picks up steam as you grow older and as your horizon becomes larger. Society has traditionally dealt with happiness by either helping us get what we want or by restraining our desires. With greater impetus on the former over the past few decades, we seem to have buried ourselves deeper into our desires. It’s as if the world is telling us in no less clear words: you are free to achieve your freely concocted desires. But is either really free? Are we really free to be whoever we want to be? Are our desires really born off of our own lives? 

We are not unhappy about not having things we don’t know about. Yeah, too many negations there. But in today’s world, it appears as if the default prism is negation rather than confirmation. 


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