Jargogled Impressions

It’s been awhile. I have been in hiding. Like a caveman. Can we go back to being cavemen again?

There’s this searing pain, stage-sickness I presume. Can we hold down the curtain a little longer?

I am being torn away. Between the two poles, with shifting goalposts. Can we stop for a second to take stock for once?

Endless dreams and vivid fantasies. We chose to stay on the chase. Can we halt and refuel to let them catch up?

Battering rain and thunderous ruptures of cloud. I forget when I noted them. Lying in the background like stage props. Can we pay them some attention?

Today, this moment. Do we think of it ever? Or we let it lie there, neglected?

Hiding behind ironies, sarcasms, witticisms, and intellectual rigor. What do we hope to gain?

A conscious effort at collective amnesia. Historical tomes forgotten and relegated to those rabid pages. Do we learn or do we improvise constantly?

The seas are restless. Maybe we ape them. They are being driven by an external force. Are we?

Or Freaks of nature. That’s just what this all is supposed to be.



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